OCD and ADHD: Is There a Cosmic Connection?

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Howie Mandel: ‘We don’t take care of our mental health’

(CNN) — Howie Mandel endured ridicule from other kids as a child because when his shoelaces came undone, he would limp around without tying them. He didn’t want to handle the laces because they had touched the ground, and he thought they were dirty.

Mandel, a Canadian comedian, later learned that he has obsessive compulsive disorder, a condition characterized by repetitive thoughts, impulses or images, and behaviors performed over and over. Some people with OCD wash their hands excessively or check to see if doors are locked multiple times. About 2.2 million Americans have OCD, according to the National Institutes of Health. Research has suggested the condition runs in families.

Born November 29, 1955 Howard Micheal “Howie” Mandel is a Sagittarius sign,  extremely impulsive, action oriented and well known in Astropsychology , open exploration and strong curiosity.  Micheal is a Canadian comedian, actor, television host, and voice actor. Howie Mandel has OCD, ADHD and depression.

He was born with Moon (emotion response) in a talking head sign of Gemini. Mercurial rules the entire nervous system that leads him more restless as a result of anxiety or boredom. Gemini rules shoulders, arms, hands and fingers.

With A lot of impulsive activities in him, Sun, Mercury, Venus and  Dragon Head(lucky/growth) in Sagittarius that held together and conjuncted. Action-oriented and direct, he is manifested easily distracted by detailed information. Sagittarius must look at the bigger picture with expansive mind.

A conjunction of Uranus(unique) and Pluto(power) in Leo, produced intensely dramatic and creative on the stage. Leo rules fire sign and extremely in love, plus with performing ability in front of the audience.  A lot of fiery activities in him that leads to an attention-deficit hyperactivity that applied with his Mercurial moon-restless/anxiety or ADD which is impossible to stay in one place.

Now what has to do with OCD? wherever a strong earthy Virgo (puritanical/cleansing) is in your chart,  you must clean the mess and dirt. by according to his natal chart, ruled Jupiter is a sign of exaggerated in puritanical/cleansing sign of Virgo. He is concerned with dirty on his body/hands/fingers. whatever should it be eliminated that needs to be cleaned in order to keep healthy. plus, Mars(desire) in Scorpio leads him to suspicious and investigative, of course, in addition with the concern of germs.

Do you know something else, “behavioral disorders” that the traditional education or science research or religious belief that would provide an explanation? Nope. People don’t know how or can’t learn how to deal, even with a problem child. Note OCD, ADHD both are actually a potent gift by God(planets/stars), but I’m very concerned with over-medicated prescriptions to many children that may lead into a zombie with those deadly pills rather than to be a free spirit as born to be. People who mindlessly accept as a fact anything they were told without a question or a research of their own especially most controlled by the science, religion, mass media and such.

If your natal chart happens to have overloaded with feminine earthy planets, for example, Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn can be submissive, sensitive and born as an excellent  student, meaning their strengths are manifested intellectually, nothing to do with physically.  If your natal chart is overloaded with masculine fiery planets, for example, Aries, Leo, Sagittarius can be more hostile, aggressive and competitive that may lead to bullying or a troublemaker.  If your natal chart has overloaded airy sign and fiery signs, that can aggressively influence and produce as a starter… the  traditional educated psychologists instantly refer and label persons as ADD or ADHD without knowing there are hidden astrological signs instilled in them what made them to be.

The complete medical terms with a lacking of understanding of the cosmic phenomenon is what I am trying to explain to a completely baffled scientific community.

Science has yet acknowledged that some people with mental illnesses are gifted by God for all reasons. All affairs of the human mind starts in the essential divine and rules through with natal chart.

Suicide rates have been rising steadily since 2005 after holding steady for two decades, experts say.

Screening for suicide: A psychiatrist’s take

(CNN) — Should primary care doctors routinely screen their patients for suicide risk? In a new report, a panel of federal experts stops short of recommending such screenings, given the current state of our knowledge.

Suicidal at age 4? OMG!

Gianni’s now 10 years old, and he isn’t getting better. His little sister shares her worst fear about the family: “I feel like Gianni’s gonna kill my mom and dad.”

You might want to double check my credentials in order to re–evaluating your spiritually. Instead of being so negative and show your anger and hostility towards people who have to deal with you daily,  try reaching out with positive words and stay productivity,  and recognize and aware of  the flaws/weaknesses found in natal charts and yourself.  Children don’t have large vocabularies or enough knowledge to express themselves or their needs, so they act out what they need, which can look like misbehaving. Really, it’s the parent who is misbehaving such ignorance.

Those new generations need real spiritual food to find their identities, they are so different than their parents, as much as yours today. Do you think bible have offer an answer what it means to be human, his hidden intelligence abilities or OCD, ADHD and depression? It is easier to build strong cosmic conscious children than to repair and find solutions for educated skeptics, atheists, agnostics men. Astrology knowledge will guarantee to bring universal understanding, peace, harmony to one another. 12 Divine Cosmic is the key.

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  1. Thats very interesting information… i always knew one of my twin boys that has “ADHD” ever since he was in my tummy along with other twin boy… he was very restless baby, i knew something different about him. Years later, he was in kindergation, i told “kinda warned” his teacher about his restless and possible having ADHD, they asked me if i ever took him to special doctor? i said no never, i knew by my heart he is gifted but not sure if right word as ADHD, few days later, teachers/prinicpal told me that they couldnt control my boy but fine with other twin boy, so they sent him to special dr for ADD, ADHD with children, before we started meeting, i told dr i dont want my boy EVER having any pills to control him but i want to learn what ADD?ADHD kids would do or something, ok he agreed, explained what was it, it reminds me of my baby brother!!! *but my brother was never treated by dr but yea with my family crazy love, natural raising him to be man, he grew up in reserve and still lives in same resrve as now*… Anyways, back to this point, heh… now it makes sense he is restless but handle himself well as long as we treat him allright, no problems… sometimes in my deep thoughts, wonder why i have a child that has ADHD? Sometimes i felt it was special gift from Divine… Very interesting information to read… Huge Tiniki!

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