Oscar Pistorius guilty of murder, not negligent killing

Oscar Pistorius guilty of negligent killing, not murder – CNN

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Judge Thokozile Masipa is the only person who solve a problem to using her logical , rational reasoning is still incomplete, period! She is not the original way at looking the essence of his soul that applied to his abusive controlling his girlfriend and yet haven’t dealing with Pistorius’s spiritual cosmic identity but only heard a forensics pathologist’s testimony. Sadly, the judge and the jury were not trained non cosmic consciousness not yet allowed through the judicial system to use Astropsychology and Astroforensics!

Using Astropsychology, it is great detailed explanation about how he behavior toward to his girlfriend. Oscar Pistorius was born November 22, 1986 under the constellation of Scorpio. He was received the multiple conjunction of planets including intense and deadly Pluto in 1st house (self). Scorpio rules death and drama therefore he did abusive controlling her with relationship is manifested based on jealousy and suspicion. He killed his girlfriend in anger and controlled by Pluto(destruction). She had every opportunity to leave him before that fateful night but failed to avoid it. I believe an argument broke out and Pistorius lost his temper and picked up the gun. Reeva ran for her life to the bathroom and locked the door. When Pistorius couldn’t get her out he fired at the door in a sudden attack  of rage. He’s going down!

His natal Venus (love) in Scorpio, that located is very high drama, his attitude is produced by Pluto’s (ruler of Scorpio) ultimate desire to control the partner. He was very suffer this position of Venus (love/beauty) is a worst manifestation toward to his girlfriend. Oscar Pistorius‘ Ex-Girlfriend: ‘It Could’ve Been Me’ and Former girlfriend says Pistorius was controlling, emotional– But the negative impact is coming from his natal Dragon’s Tail (negative) in Libra (partners/marriages/contracts) as result of end of relationship in that fateful night.

Mercury in Scorpio, this position is worst manifestation in his nature to to be non diplomatic. Mercury rules speech and Scorpio has a stinger (sarcasm).

His natal Jupiter rules law and order, justice, the court system where it located in 5th house of love and speculation make him lucky with any legal battle as proven in this murder case. At the same time, Scorpio is very good actor with retching, howling and sobbing in the courtroom. Scorpio is very clever to fool the law and order and he did it.

Using Astroforensics, it is great detailed explanation about how his fingerprints collected at a crime scene, or on items of evidence from a crime toward to his girlfriend. Most of all, Mars (violence/guns) is found right into his 4th house (home/domesticity) but like judge, the jury, criminology and forensics pathologist did not bother to check up his celestial identity and avoid the worst manifestation of his essence of his soul via natal chart.

A physician without a knowledge of Astrology has no right to call himself a physician – Hippocrates (ca. 400 BC).

Judge, the jury, criminology and forensics pathologist without as a knowledge of Astrology has no right to call themselves as a judge, the jury, criminology and forensics pathologist.

Astrology is a essence of the soul. Soul essence is absolute reality. All things come from soul of the cosmos, and all things are part of Universal / God therefore Judge, the jury,   criminology and forensics pathologist are lost touch with the reality of the Creator through his celestial manifestation.

That applied to Oscar Pistorius’s horrible situation which it’s meaning he has no chance to explore his spiritual cosmic identifies before enter new relationship with woman his life. Indeed his spiritless is very dangerous to his life because he is victim of the Department of Education (South Africa) for not recognize God’s cosmic design influencing all human beings. He don’t take “the soul of the cosmos” or Astropsychology classes at the University of Pretoria in South Africa due to lack of cosmic spiritual education curriculum in every university, as result of all the past, current and future criminals will bring more chaos to this world.

The Important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.        – Albert Einstein

The Important thing is not to stop questioning and keep explore what is the essence of the soul with spiritual cosmic identifies and the reason for their existence. That is very high priority for every humanity need spirituality is a basic foundation human needsEveryone like Oscar Pistorius must provide a cosmic code lessons with a global perspective, the foundation of a cosmic spiritual education through his celestial manifestation.


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