Oscar Pistorius, Murder or Mistake?

Oscar Pistorius: Free on Bail in Murder Case!

Did the justice system fail on Oscar Pistorius trial? Yes, because they are based on the words, the law and the statistics where it need a lot of physical evidence. Why would someone shoot through the locked door of a bathroom, with no idea who was in there to begin with instead of just leaving through the window? That story can easily deceive others and be easily deceived to himself, to manage and avoid from sending to jail.
But…How about using the spiritual astrological perspective? Where is spiritual evidence to use such as the signs and symbols to identify and detect, just like Casey Anthony and OJ Simpson murder cases, their astrological charts with flaws were found.

Yes, It’s all in the stars to use as signs because it rules, triggers, affects everything in the universe that revolves within us. Those cosmic stars are pretty obvious beyond the authoritative scripture such as an unconscious religious/ political /traditional education systems. Without the use of the astrology knowledge tool that always fail in their justice system over and over and over due to such ‘in-the-box’thinking system that always lead you to more question with less answer.

The great Chinese philosopher Confucius (551-479 BC) said: ‘Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.’

Note, knowing that the power of stars and planets in the universe that has been influenced with the people, places,as well as such deadly cosmic circumstances that resides within the cosmic vibration. there is no such accident that happened in his home with his girlfriend.
Realized that Ocsar Pistorius’s action is a part of disturbed cosmic vibration that manifests to be reflected with his Plutonic side that outlet toward to his girlfriend. Yes, He murdered her. No question. I will explain to you the reason why it happened on their deadly valentine’s day.

Pretoria, South Africa (CNN) — Oscar Pistorius left jail Friday, free on bond eight days after the shooting death of his model girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp.

Oscar Pistorius born on November 22, 1986- born with Sun (light), Venus (love) and Dragon’s Tail(negative) in Scorpio. Ruled and controlled by Pluto(destruction) this soul within carries a strong legacy of destruction, jealousy and suspicious. Dragon Scorpious is currently transiting in the universe that enters into his chart. He is not aware of the result of his actions, being too jealous and suspicious about his model girlfriend, Reeva. Worse, the mainstreamed media, including CNN is a complete joke and not have the ability to report the crime with the lack of fully cosmic explanation, but fails to do so continued dumbing down.

Pistorius’s emotional response to life(Moon) in Cancer, is a water sign with a such overwhelming and extraordinary emotional feeling where its located is right on her 9th house of the act of preaching on him. He needs to have a emotion connection like security, home and family that totally controlled by the Moon. He is not aware of that heavy impact of his ruler (Moon) on his sensitive psyche.

Reeva Steenkamp’s emotion response to life(Moon) in Capricorn is an earth sign such as manipulation that influence her behavior that aims to change his perception or deceptive on him. Plus her Sun in Leo: Born on August 19 1983, under Sun’s command, the soul is fated to experience fame, power and opportunity to get recognized thorough her modeling career that will help her to become a runway model, to be in commercials, and more, that kind of sun energies where Pisteorius must learn to let it go and release his jealousy and suspicious. so he can learn to trust and accept her for who she is. He’s just unconscious young kid, and realized that They are both different “Universe” individuals with a purpose living on this earth. but sad enough, He’s simply unleash his destructive motives against her own girlfriend, Reeva. that is something the mainstream media needs to know about astrological and metaphysical manifestations what had happened on that horrific Valentine’s day.

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