Pagan Solar Cycle, Solar Flares and Sun Worship

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And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them serve as SIGNS, and for seasons, and for days, and years – Genesis 1:14

The solar cycle as observed by many astrophiles groups involves eight holidays, collectively known as “the Wheel of the Year.” These holidays include the solstices, the equinoxes, and four seasonal agricultural festivals with roots in religious and cultural traditions, both have long been celebrated as a secular holidays as well.

The Wheel of the Year is designed to recognize and SOLELY pay respect the each of cyclical change of seasons or sun power. That’s how they created a universal holiday that combines Thanksgiving (Mabon) , Easter (Ēostre), Christmas (Yule) and Summer solstice (Litha) which is an annual cycle of seasonal festivals.

Mabon is a time of thanksgiving that celebrates the second harvest, and the autumn equinox. The time of equal day/night, light/dark, good/bad action in balance is here at this Equinox punctuated by the Sun in Libra, the sign of the scales and balance, with the night continuing to grow longer than daylight.

Libra is opposite to Aries so the beginning of Aries is the moment of vernal equinox. Ēostre used to be in the constellation Aries on the first day of Spring, otherwise known as the vernal equinox.

so Easter, Bunny and Eggs are obviously not in the Bible, then Why Spring/Vernal equinox celebrations around the world, clearly your calendar is a pagan holiday. It’s all about celebrations of rebirth and renewal.

Spring is officially here, according to the astronomical calendar. The arrival of the vernal equinox in the Northern Hemisphere is when the sun shines directly on the equator, giving us almost equal amounts of day and night.

Astronomical observation begins with the early civilizations of Mesopotamia and Babylon. The great fertility goddess of Babylon, Ishtar is originally celebration of Easter were a highly acknowledged, practiced and celebrated since till that lasted from about 3,500 BCE to about 400 CE…

As the worship of Ishtar spread to westward expansion movement -through the western Mediterranean reaching Egypt, Greece, Western Europe then North America, the name got changed – a common event. Ishtar became Astarte, then Ostara, then Eostre, finally reaching England as Easter.

Every non cosmic conscious christian in the world that celebrates easter, or the resurrection, on this day, in any way, is participating in the use of astrology by following all of the spiritual traditions revolving around spring equinox are related to the SUN rising as ‘resurrection of the sun/son’ that celebrated as the time when the sun officially overpowers the darkness (powers of darkness) and days become longer.

Many spiritual traditions around the world have stories of a son dying and being reborn because that is what our SUN does (symbolically speaking itself).

Spring is a great time of planting anew for the year, the time when birds and animals go into heat and have sex. Fertility is the basis for celebrating the goddess Ishtar / Astarte / Ostara / Easter upon the arrival of spring. And, it is obvious, is it not, that rabbits and eggs are the symbols of fertility.

If Christians against Easter and Bunny like they told you many times, be sure you must inform them. There shall be signs in the sun, the moon, and the stars.” – Jesus Christ, Luke 21:25 The Bible is filled with references to astrology. This is because astrology was widely accepted as truth in Biblical times.

Same goes with Winter Solstice represented the return of the life-giving Sun goddess or the rebirth of Sun.

The fact of all religions being based on the zodiac  and all popes being taught astrology is to be found in this article on the “Dead Sea Scrolls.”

Many ancient cultures and history have attached importance to the old calendar of Farmers’ Almanac’s moon phase calendar includes information on full moons, new moons, eclipse predictions and more.

All the wise men of the past “Magi” knew all about the stars like to disappear advanced ancient civilization such as the Mayan, Incas, Sumerians, Aztec, Sumerian and the Atlantians are capable of superhuman abilities used the secret of the stars and humanity.

From the very beginning God wanted humanity to be a chronologer so that we may live orderly lives. The lights in the sky were to help humankind mark the times and seasons, clearly, God put the signs in the sky to communicate with people on Earth in their stars of the language.

We return thanks to Mother Earth, the moon and the stars and the Native Indians Star People legends for their graciousness which have given to us their light when the sun was gone.

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