Predicted Earthquakes & Exposlive

PREDICTION – APRIL 16/17/18/19/20:
RULERS – Cancer (life change) and Leo (children/shocking)

Some coworker and boss will see the end and the beginning of a business situation. New hired will start to work due to replaces others or leave the job for some reason. Be ready for any change and have faith in your work as career. It’s time to rip off your wrong friend or business partnership must end of it; take a chance on your new positive attitude with new plan. Again, be accept the change with confidence, the star will take care for you ahead of time. Many will experience see the new beginning; however under the star guide, there is no lame excuse, just do it where they will see the bright light later. Leo rules love, romance and children with the positive moon expect surprised news. It’s time to spend time with children like nephews and nieces or their children’s entertainment. Anything for children as long as invested in toys that was used or new. Take chance to impress your family and friends for good security and safely of own family. Venus rules romantic and exciting love. If you can’t find true love, you should keep going with your faith and keep looking for special person. It will happen in anytime and anywhere you can find it; with the New Moon on your people side. Many will experience the happy start and find their new true love or lost true love with and of important the life. Leo rules creativity and life so take the children with you to anywhere and somewhere to explore. Watch out with anger rage driver on the road. You are responsible for their adventures lives. Enjoy surprised is ahead of time. Sharing what you know a lot interesting news.


Universal Precaution: Expect terrible tragedies such as earthquake and volcanic eruptions where will force thousands of people of the house and roads due to nature’s destructive forces. Leo rules fires and children so better be careful with match or gas before you start it. Not good time to play the fires. It could be explosive front of you and affect others.

Predicted Expositive and Earthquake- documented, published, dated all there in ebook. wanna order and inbox me.
Deadly attack at Boston Marathon-Explosive
Officials: Magnitude 7.8 earthquake rocks Iran, Pakistan-Earthquake
American Airlines grounds flights until 5 p.m.
5 p.m.-Forced to relocated/Unexpected Plan so system-wide means worldwide US wide
Britain prepares to bid farewell to its ‘Iron Lady,’ Margaret Thatcher-Beginning/Ending
Thousands petition Verizon to nix wireless contracts-Ending/Beginning
Casualties mount in Pakistan quake-Earthquake
New Zealand’s Parliament votes to legalize same-sex marriage-Beginning
Damaging Wind, Tornado and Flood Threats-Weather destruction
Explosion hits fertilizer plant north of Waco, Texas-Expostive
Tesco pulling out of the United States-Ending of life
Test results due in ricin scare; Mississippi man arrested-Beginning/Ending of life
Fox pulls ‘Family Guy’ episode after Boston Marathon hoax-Ending of life

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