Predicted earthquakes in Iran

PREDICTION – APRIL 6/7/8/9/10:
RULERS – Pisces (confused/drunk) and Aries (warrior/accident)

Precaution on those Pisces in Moon days:
Use your Neptune’s creative power upon your work. Don’t think negative and get depressed. Be accepting with the critical feedback from your boss or coworker. Don’t go against your boss. Keep your head up and move on. Don’t be deceiving to someone’s question and don’t pretend you fully understand. Keep talking and questioning before you start. Go grab some fishing equipment to go fishing is a great time soon. the New Moon will lead you the better days in ahead of time.

Use your love and compassion with your friend and family. Do bring and share foods to provide them. Mars may play rough on you while you are in ‘water’. Watch out with their behavior and take it easy. Do limit with two drinks. Don’t bring up the painful past. Do watch Titanic movie. enjoy romantic moment. Don’t feel guilty for no reason and you need to have self-respect before you start. Don’t drink and drive. Neptune rules drinking, depression, and drugs. you need the head up, do talk with positive thinking. Drive safe and follow the rules on the road. You need to help your depressed friend to light up and give a good humor. Be creative. Neptune rules seas, oil or chemical spills were often making many accidents if you take cruise during after full moon and you have to pay for your mistakes. Expect the government that may announce plans to sell off oil and gas leases or gain the prices.

Universal Precaution: Aries’ aggressive nature may decide to stir nature’s destructive and man-made explosion or earthquake and many accidents out there.

Predicted- CNN- April 9, 2013 State TV: Three dead after quake hits Iran, near nuclear site
U.S. Geological Survey: 6.3-magnitude hits Bushehr in south-central Iran

(Done published and documented the dates in my ebook before this just happened in Iran)

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