Rihanna backlash should focus on Chris Brown

When Mars is in charge usually a lot of anger, aggression and violence drama will expose the news while the Chris Brown as woman-beating jerk, ruled by Mars is totally unaware of God signs many woman-beating up met with their reality of violence in the name of their rich, famous ignorance and unwilliness to respect

Editor’s note: Lyndal Khaw is an assistant professor of family and child studies at Montclair State University. (CNN) — On the eve of the Grammys in 2009, when news surfaced that singer Chris Brown assaulted his girlfriend, Rihanna, the cruel reality of violence against women came to the forefront. Police reports, narrative accounts and photographs told a chilling tale of what happened that night.

Britt Rebuttal: Lyndal Khaw’s knowledge have absolutely NO CLUE of the Law of the Moon where it effect-directed on him automatically produced by Lord the Plutonic of what happened that night. Moon has been long associated with human psychosis even crimes of violence increase at the full moon. What worse the police have absolutely NO CLUE of the Law of the Moon that need upgrade their knowledge before got hurt themselves and others too.

In the ensuing months, Rihanna’s responses to the violence she received faced public scrutiny. Everyone hoped that she would do what most of us believed was the right thing to do: Leave the relationship. When she did eventually leave, there was a collective admiration for her ability to move on, which sent a clear message that violence against women is wrong. She was lauded as a role model to women and young girls, and became a celebrity symbol of strength and survivorship. Fast-forward to today. Rihanna is collaborating with Brown again. Some people are mad and disapprove of her decision to let Brown back into her life, especially given the “role model” status that had been assigned to her. Personally, I am not outraged. Before you think I’m a fan of Brown (I’m not), here’s my rationale: Rihanna did not ask to be a role model, no more than she asked to be abused.

Britt Rebuttal:
Indeed rich, famous does not mean being intelligent and Rihanna simply fell for her deceptive karmic stars. She is responsible for her own destiny and fate. Did Lyndal Khaw check on the DOB of Rihanna to find out what’s mean to be human? if she don’t, all she can do is assume about her without investigate her natal or hidden Dragon where it’s producing such clearly reveal as much about her but again she have no clue the relationship with the stars so now the question… When will she finally realize its direct relationship with the stars?

In the United States, one in three women experiences violence. Rihanna is unfortunately one of these women. Like other abused women, she is being judged unfairly for her relationship with her abusive former partner. One of the first things people ask after learning that a woman has been abused is, “Why don’t you just leave?” While this is a seemingly innocuous suggestion, it really isn’t that simple. When a woman leaves and then returns to her partner or tries to stay on amicable terms, she can elicit a backlash. No wonder some people have commented that Rihanna must “enjoy being abused.”

Britt Rebuttal: Bullying, discrimination on other races due to lack of God’s divine guidance from both teachers & parents. We need to be taught guidance in order to pass it on, but the main thing is Teaching the God’s divine creation will make a HUGE difference. Note guns don’t kill people bullets do. Learn about gun control before it start and very important to be awareness that the planet of Mars is responsible for violent behavior in an individual. Mars is called a red planet that’s why somebody got anger and destructive.

I don’t know anyone who enjoys being abused. What I do know is that domestic violence is a vicious cycle. Leaving an abusive partner is a process that can take months, if not years. One woman I know stayed in her relationship for almost 25 years before she was able to finally leave.

Britt Rebuttal: Mars rules anger, aggression and violence that’s main reason why it has to stop ‘vicious cycle’ of domestic violence. Note whatever Venus/Pluto it resides in your chart, you might attract intense relationship which that have love-hate themes as a result. Venus rules relationship and self-esteem that indeed lack of self-love or lack of self esteem right after a break up. That’s why many women stay in their relationship due to the feelings of love and attachment that lead to intense relationships. Lyndal Khaw know nothing about the Venus Planet of Love and Mars Planet of violent behavior unless this energy is channeled properly but it’s not case it would result in violence and fight.

Moreover, most women leave their partners more than once. Studies have indicated that a woman leaves her abuser an average of eight times before leaving permanently. We cannot be certain, but it is possible that Rihanna is still in the process of leaving. Thus, the fact that she and Brown are working together now after the incident of three years ago is not surprising.

Britt Rebuttal: Due to her natal Venus in Scorpio where the line between love(Venus) and obsession(Pluto) with Chris Brown. There is absolutely no chances for our traditionally educated psychologists to understand what’s the depth of human mind that impossible for them to explain why people act as they do. Yes, Venus/Pluto or Mars relationships are always likely dramatic and intense relationships and yet many today who think that science of astrology has no values and all they do is give you dangers of prescription that can be made even worse.

However, the bigger issue is Brown’s lack of accountability in all of this. Even in a society where many of us would agree that violence against women is wrong, we hold strong patriarchal values where males are seen as more dominant and privileged than women. We hold Rihanna fully accountable as a role model and place her decisions under harsh judgment. Yet Brown is not held accountable for his ability to influence young men. Granted, even though he issued a public apology to Rihanna a few weeks after he assaulted her, his motives are less probed (certainly not by the same people who believe that Rihanna likes to be abused).

Britt Rebuttal: Yes, Chris Brown is a woman-beating jerk who hasn’t taken public responsibility for his public behaviors but Did Lyndal Khaw check on the DOB of Chris Brown to find out what’s mean to be human to women-beating up? if she don’t, all she can do is assume about his without investigate his natal or hidden Dragon where it’s producing such clearly reveal as much about his but again she have no clue the relationship with the stars so now the question… When will she finally realize its direct relationship with the stars?

So the question everyone is asking should not be: “Why is Rihanna going back to (or working with) Chris Brown?” Rather, it should be: “What kind of messages are we sending our children when we focus on and denounce the decisions of women who have been mistreated but spare perpetrators the same level of scrutiny?” This blame-the-victim mentality has got to stop somewhere.

Britt Rebuttal: Again, Note her natal Pisces is one of most difficulties of the Zodiac. What worse, Neptune/Pisces rules deceiving, addicted, confused, illusion where it’s producing such clearly reveal that she’s going back to or working with Chris Brown. Did Lyndal Khaw knew about the planet Neptune such deceiving? None. Who will be there to advice many people like her to aim in the right direction before started seeing somebody else? None.

“And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years:”
– Genesis 1:14 in King James Version of The Bible

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