RIP Anthony Bourdain

***Famous Death*** – Moon in Taurus (become Scorpio after full moon) I will explain more details about his depression and his cooking talent as chef. He got depression during negative waning moon and sadly Saturn/deadly Pluto was opposing his Sun by transit, and Neptune conjuncting his Mars in Pisces depression that his negative personal cosmic biorhythms.

He born with Sun in Cancer which it was Negative Tail of Dragon in shocking deadly Aquarius in his 8th house of death. You simply must understand this – He born in June under constellation of Gemini with Sun in Cancer which it’s mean cusp so either way of saying this case – His emotional, mental, and physical exhaustion from his 9th house of mental explain and 3rd house of mind that simulated pain through Dragon Aquarius/Leo axis.

Anthony Bourdain born – June 25, 1956

Sun 03Can53  (2) (self-esteem/money) soul purpose to feed and protect his family and the world at large. When he tried his first oyster and subsequently fell in love with food, that’s how he become cooking as a career. Cancer also rules hotel, restaurants, food, and real estate but very private and sensitive.

Moon 28Cap19  (8) (finance) Moon (emotion response) in strict disciplinarian in the household and hardworking sign of Capricorn. Conservative investments which 8th house applied to other people’s finance and cooking as a career that involves caring for, or nurturing, other people.

Mercury 12Gem06  (1 (money) Mercury represents thought process in plenty of activity and communication sign of Gemini. Always talking about foods and discuss about how to cooking the foods. Even wrote the books about foods.

Venus 28Gem46  (1)  (money) Venus represents love while gemini is the most talkative zodiac sign. Writing for a publication about food services in varieties of cultures, including restaurants.

Mars 11Pis25  (10) (public standing) Mars represents the desire principle. Pisces rules water signs have addictive tendencies and he did have issues with drugs and alcohol in his life when he got stress-related depression lead to bipolar or negative biorhythm in the workplace that higher demand for head cooks are expected to be in food services, including restaurants.

Jupiter 27Leo52  (3) (mind) Jupiter represents high education and books while 3rd house of mind that mentally stimulated his writing, speaking, thinking and learning about foreign countries, cultures, teaching methods and religion. Bourdain’s curiosity for the world’s variety of cultures and cuisine rubbing off on them. Leo rules brilliant creativity and arts.

Saturn 27Sco07  (6) (health/work) Saturn rules strict disciplinarian in 6th house of work and service the world. Scorpio rules passion of his work but Saturn bring his fear of government tyranny over the financa issues.

Uranus 00Leo49  (3) (Mind) Uranus rules original in 3rd house of mind processing that mentally stimulated his Leo rules brilliant creativity and arts.

Neptune 27Lib42  (5) (love) Neptune rules compassionate and kind interactions with children (5th house). Attracted to imaginative, spiritual, kind people. Bourdain found himself on a path to international stardom after the book came out, it very quickly transformed his life.

Pluto 26Leo39  (3) Pluto rules power. Leo rules entertainment. Building self-confidence through deep interactions with other people.

MNNode 06Sag45  (7) Dragon Head (lucky/growth in Sagittarius rules international traveler, optimistic, freedom-loving and adventure-seeking which his past career that allows for physical and mental movement.

MSNode 06Gem45  (1) Gemini rules witty, silver-tongued and scattered thoughts but bipolar disorder when loaded with waters sign in this chart.

BlackMoon  22Cap36  (8) recognizes sadists, fascists, cold inside. Such a person you may seem nice and charming, but deep inside he dislike everyone and considers them worthless when he got angry/mad.

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