The Stars and Fate of Flight 370/Pilot & Captian

How do authorities know this is where Flight 370 ended? Learn about the groundbreaking technology:

Learn about the groundbreaking technology?! It took almost three weeks…then Malaysian Prime Minister confirmed their worst fears, announcing Flight 370 went down somewhere in the Indian Ocean.

Pilot: How mechanical problem could have downed Flight 370

Did flammable cargo doom Flight 370?

Conspiracy theories on missing flight

Ibrahim: Pilot backed me, but was no hijacker

The only explanation they never seem to mention about the suicide to drag everyone down to death, but the news media / conspiracy theories, the ”Talking Heads” have lost their minds making wild assumptions. It  lacks a reliable source with directed answers.  Indeed,  it can be prophecy by using the stars to access Astro software program that I use to figure out with the incident of the disappearance of flight 370. The FAA remained stuck by using the  data satellites to locate continuing in search for the missing  plane. As the airplane was found in the ‘Ocean/Sea’ area as a result related to this very Neptunian type of events(ocean). Neptune rules the ocean. No wonder many are addicted to follow up with the news and commentary online, another neptunian behavior.  It took almost three weeks until then,  Malaysian Prime Minister had confirmed the discovery. So this experience of that incident was manifested the new requirements to demand new challenges to figure out quickly, it would help quickly unless in order to re-connect the cosmic signs to finally confirm what had happened to Flight 370. It’s time to change new education to re-connect the celestial divine manifestations.

I have a simple cosmic answer regarding this “disappeared” flight BUT It took them almost three weeks to track with satellites, and other assorted space crafts to locate it.  WHY can’t this aircraft be located quickly than 3 long weeks,….even IF it is under water? Are there not the radar records that showed PRECISELY when this plane went missing to target the location to be pinpointed? Why in 2014 with GPS and other high-tech inventions, that a plane this large can simply “disappear” without a trace or clue as to WHERE it is.

BECAUSE this whole thing is totally at loss dealing with celestial divine manifestations. Aviation expert’s GPS and other high-tech inventions or Oceanology/ marine science expert could target specifically that resides in the stars to be used as a sign of ocean and the signs of aeronautics/technology/flying/nuke and plus a sign of death.

Here’s how to explain that Flight 370 that went down somewhere in the Indian Ocean.

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 , also marketed as China Southern Airlines Flight 748 (CZ748) through a codeshare, was a scheduled international passenger flight that disappeared on 8 March 2014 en route from Kuala Lumpur International Airport to Beijing Capital International Airport.

flight_370Sun conjunct Neptune in Pisces- Pisces rules Neptune, the Lord of the Oceans, that rules the oceans and seas and any large bodies of water.

Mercury in Aquarius- Mercury rules transportation and air travel. Aquarius rules aeronautics/technology/flying.

Moon in Cancer has always imposed either an ending life / a new beginning/or forced to relocate.


Zaharie Ahmad Shah, his wife Faiza Khanum Mustafa Khan and their daughter, seen here in a Facebook photo from July 2013.

Pilot, Capt. Ahmad Shah born in July 31, 1961

Captain facing family and relationship problems before plane disappeared.

Shah has both Sun conjunct Uranus in Leo with pride, ego, warmth, and original, inventive, curious Jupiter in Aquarius.  Of course, Jupiter rules higher education, university and books in aeronautics, technology in a flying sign of Aquarius. That’s how he became a qualified pilot and worked for the airlines. Uranus with the Sun makes him a brilliant, independent, and unconventional ego.

Moon in Pisces is right in his 9th house of a long-distance trip while his emotion was out of control along with the foreign passenger’s lives.  Pisces rules Neptune, the Lord of the Oceans, that rules the oceans and seas and any large bodies of water. On a negative note, it may lead to suicidal himself, as a result with negative karmic consequences of the Dragon in his shocking, unpredictable, explosive sign of Aquarius that is right in Zaharie Ahmad Shah’s 8th house of death- committed suicide and dragged everyone down with him to the ocean fatally.

Sun     08Leo02  (2) Explain above…
Moon     29Pis27  (9) Explain above…

Mercury     23Can16  (1) Mercury rules mind processing and concerned with family matters, easily upset with something and to refuse to discuss it with other people.

Venus     26Gem28  (12) Venus rules love and beauty. Gemini rules transportation and  communication, but the fact he was seeing another woman. Communication is so important to confront her wife in the first place. But, with his 12th house that rules secret/hidden/subconscious.

Mars     19Vir39  (3) Mars rules aggressive and desire where it is located in hard working sign of Virgo. His desire is to learn and experience new things in technology/aeronautics.

Jupiter     01Aqu27  (8) (Explained above..).

Saturn     25Cap40  (7) His ambitious and hunger for power is manifested where  he endeavored many years to achieve the intelligence  and recognition and public standing. Capricorn rules very cautious and detail-oriented but 7th house of open enemies with others.

Uranus     24Leo59  (2) ( Explain above…)
Neptune     08Sco35  (5) Neptune rules the ocean and Scorpio(power) rules death where it manifested of a plane that went down somewhere in the Ocean.

Pluto     06Vir49  (3) The intense planet Pluto(passion) was strongly affecting his 3rh house of communication and transportation in thinking critical Virgo. Fueled by the intensity of Pluto- fanaticism/death, this celestial confirmed his motivation and concerned himself with health.

Midheaven     06Leo29  (2) (Explain above…)
MNNode     28Aqu09  (8) (Explain above…)

Explore the stars to confirm what had happened to Flight 370 that went down somewhere in the Indian Ocean.  We will not solve the problems of the world from the same level of thinking we were at when we created them. More than anything else, this new century demands new thinking: We must change our materially based analyses of the world around us to include broader, more multidimensional perspectives.”   ~Albert Einstein*

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