The Stars and Fate of Leelah Alcorn – Using Astroforensics

Teen: My suicide should have meaning

Leelah Alcorn – (November 15, 1997 – December 28, 2014)


Police told news sources that Alcorn was walking southbound on Interstate 71 near Union township when she was struck by a semi-trailer just before 2:30 am near the South Lebanon exit. She died at the scene. It is believed that Alcorn walked three to four miles from her parents’ house in nearby Kings Mill, Ohio, before being struck. The highway was closed for more than an hour after the incident. The driver has not been charged.

Using Astroforensics, I will expose his *UCI or “Unique Celestial Identity” and explain why he chose to hit by a semi-trailer on the highway to end of his life! And explain why / how he was born to be gay.

If you’re a parent of transgendered son teen and think there’s no future in him as committed suicide or being gay and you never thought your life could be this tragic.

“We don’t support that, religiously,” Alcorn’s mother told CNN Wednesday, her voice breaking. “But we told him that we loved him unconditionally.

but my main question – Who will be there to teach their children about stars? Many God fearing lost souls think astrology is a full of bull%$&* or pseudoscience or consider it as an evil at work. OMG!

IT”S TIME TO Bring Back Astrology as a real ancient science to fix the old religious doctrine (tradition education must update to cosmic spiritual education reaching to the children of the Universe) Religious doctrine ‘s manifesting failed his transgendered son teen of parent’s education at home because there is none of spiritual cosmic resources or spiritless information at home.

IT”S TIME TO Bring Back Astrology as a real ancient science to fix the society (tradition education must update to cosmic spiritual education reaching to the children of the Universe) Neil deGrasse and Carl Sagan astrophysicist unilluminated perception of the stars due to lack of challenging it themselves!- Education is not the learning of fact but the training of the mind to think / understand how the stars at work between the stars and human psyche. Neil deGrasse and Carl Sagan couldn’t explain about How or Why Born/became Gay? Neither the Christian therapists couldnt explain about homosexuality? They do not realize that all the past that Pope was taught with astrology by the Vatican as a secret.

Only Venus (feminine planet), Neptune(feminine planet) and Moon( feminine planet) rules the goddess and feminine principle in most cultures in the ancient world.

Venus (feminine planet), Neptune(feminine planet) and Moon( feminine planet) is often resides in the chart, being the foremost bodies in the heavens, have long been associated with the feminine individual “lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender” are essentially, women trapped in men’s bodies or happen to have more feminine or masculine, depending on the percentage of energies.

Leelah Alcorn do not become gay, do not learn how to become gay. It already resides inside of his body after the baby takes the first breath(stars/solar system/universe) within about 10 seconds after delivery. This is no accident. Only cosmic birth in natal chart.

If you are a neuroscientist, a neuropsychologist, a psychologist, a psychiatrist or involved in studying the complexity of the human mind, this best article of astrology is ONLY study the soul of the cosmos.



Sun     23Sco09  (1) self – Josh Alcorn was born November 15, 1997 under the constellation of Scorpio – Scorpio always involved with power, life and death. In medical astrology, Scorpio rules gender and sexual organ(sex change surgery). In Leelah’s note, she explains that when she was 14, she first understood what transgender meant and “cried of happiness.” Scorpio rules metaphysical investigation, He had a huge passion for investigation and truth about his sexual orientation or sexual identity.

List of LGBT-related suicides – Violence against LGBT people

also Scorpio rules Police work- If one single cop *Officer deaths up 50% this year *Police officer shot and killed in Florida  *Louisiana Motorcycle Officer Dies After Crash or a single civilian life can be saved, *Tot pulls mom’s gun, shoots her *Edmonton police: Man kills 8, commits suicideis it worth to look into anything, even something you may consider taboo or ridicule?  

Moon     05Gem19  (8) death – His emotion response / unaware soul is fighting his dual nature as the male / female desire conflict with each other that he done experience the dual pull attraction to both male and female. 8th house of drama / death / rebirth / sex where his sexual feeling are repressed and kept hidden. This conflict is deep and harassing and will  bring disastrous results when make public in the future. Moon (emotion response) in 8th house of death as fate where it located in road transportation / highway sign of Gemini.

Mercury     11Sag16  (2)  self esteem – Mercury rules critical thinking and learning related his values, self-esteem, and self-worth in 2nd house. This position show what / how his approach is a great thirst for knowledge. Mercury in Sagittarius defends justice and freedom.

Venus     09Cap51  (3) mind- Venus rules love and pleasure. Gemini rule the 3rd house rules gossip, communication and writing. Gemini rules common sense.

Mars     04Cap43  (3)  mind – Mars rules danger and desire. Gemini rule the 3rd house rules communication and writing which he has a strong desire to fight through his writing/communication against the old system and lead to a position of power.

Jupiter     14Aqu26  (4) home – Jupiter’s desire to travel, learn and teach and meet through a friend of circle in social media. Aquarius rules freedom and universal mind. His subconsciously knew his parent is not smart enough to deal with his gender issues.

Saturn     14Ari22  (6)   work/service – Saturn rules fear principle. Aries rules self esteem that must learn to rebuild his / her entire self-esteem in 6th house of work and HEALTHY(low self-esteem) Currently, Feb, 2014 to Nov 2015- Aries Dragon enters this position is a long time battle with “I’m not good enough, I cannot do it or I will fail, etc” as result of end of life.

Uranus     05Aqu10  (4)  home – Uranus rules original, friends, wishes in same sign in Aquarius. His subconsciously knew want to work towards bettering humanity. He devoted friends and truly want to help those in need. His unselfish behavior (expression feeling/rebellious/freedom) indeed impact the world to gain or wake up call and realized that what humanity (human right) really need in life.

Neptune     27Cap34  (3) mind – Neptune rules confusion / chaotic / deception in critical thinking and learning sign of Gemini, rule the 3rd House.

Pluto     04Sag59  (2) Pluto rules death/rebirth/power where it located in values, self-esteem, and self-worth sign of Taurus, rules 2nd house through his critical thinking and learning related to seeker of truth in pursuit of knowledge. His blog really teach us to realized / understand where he come from and how he raised in his home with parent.

Ascendant     22Aqu15  (1) self – original/friends/wishes
Midheaven     26Sco54  (10) public standing – drama/sarcasm/death/rebirth

Dragon Head  (growth/lucky)  16Vir11  (11) original/friends/wishes – He is good at communication and writing through his experience about sexual orientation or sexual identity. He is not afraid to be open and shared his life. He want to be freedom!

Neptune in Greek Mythology is called “The Lord of the Sea, Poseidon”


Dragon Tail (negative)  16Pis11  (5) love/pleasure – He was born with hidden Dragon Tail (negative) in Leo (short life). He realized the attention he need himself. Leo rules much love and attention is needed for the soul. He can’t find one. Pisces rules suicidal depression and confusion / chaotic / deception. Neptune (feminine planet) – Neptune, God of the Sea, is the ruler of Pisces.


And Leelah Alcorn was born with a Pisces Dragon’s Tail! 

BlackMoon     26Vir48  (11) original/friends/wishes – His hidden shadow manifests in chronic dissatisfaction, particularly with oneself. Virgo rules skeptic and self-critical. With this position, he often find it difficult to feel positive or too much talk negative about himself for great lengths of time.

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