The Stars and Fate of Nikolas Cruz and the Federal Bureau of Idiots!

FBI knew Nikolas Cruz was stockpiling weapons in FloridaFBI director must resign: Florida governor demands Fed head step down after Bureau reveals it did not investigate school shooter despite being warned of stockpiled guns and desire to kill SIX WEEKS AGO


Florida school killer Nikolas Cruz was visited by police ALMOST 40 times in 8 years. Police records show that Broward Sheriff’s Office received emergency calls to Cruz’s family home in Parkland due to mentally ill person”, “domestic disturbance” and “missing person” among several others.

It is now clear that the cosmic warning signs were there since one day and many good tips to the FBI were missed. We see the another predicted tragedy as consequences of those failures which it’s INCAPABLE of protecting Florida’s citizens.

FBI could use the science of Astroforensic this case where intuition and metaphors are used in connection with the detection of crime, it is based upon the science of the stars where precise calculations are performed so you can go back at the universal cosmic clock of our past and investigate Moon data, and Moon signs predicting the future  existence of things past lunar and solar eclipse as a sign of heavenly unlucky cosmic biorhythms in personal and universal level.

I still amazed to witness Trump signed the bill revoking Obama-era gun checks for people with mental illness last February 2017 then today Trump’s statements echoed a tweet he posted earlier in the day. “So many signs that the Florida shooter was mentally disturbed…” and his message quite clearly broken system with government his deep religious convictions and scientific rational indoctrination.

Trump’s supporters behavior or Nikolas Cruz in such a way the mirror is actually reflecting back to us as ongoing conflict for hundred thousand years due to hijacked spirit is trapped in Man’s religious indoctrination who has lost the spirit does not speak of God’s cosmic Divinity.

Image result for Black-holes-expanding-quicker-thoughtBlack holes much bigger than thought are wiping out galaxies …

This is chosen title for those who vibrations attract to black planet as “dark matter ‘like attracts like’ THAN Sun as light, education, positive, love vibrations that you can understanding that what this means is that whether we realize it or not, Science is responsible for bringing positive influences into our lives. is that reason why these are the groups of people growing more skeptical in star sign?

What can dark matter/ black holes science help the answer related to Stoneman Douglas High School shooting? Why waste time to explore the dark planet and start with light instead? Science will never come up with the real reasons as to why Nikolas Cruz killed many people in School.

How can Astronomers help, save, improved our crying mother earth if stop attract to black dark planet (terrorist, murder, las vegas shooter etc)? How can Astronomers help to humanity make real and significant changes on earth through by metaphysical /astrological teachings if stop attract to black dark planet (terrorist, murder, las vegas shooter etc) have a nothing offer but spread fear, chaos, insecurity and your negative thoughts to survive?

The Astronomer looks at the sky and sees dark planets, dark matter, dark holes. The Astrologer looks at the sky and sees the stars as light and seeks Spiritual meaning from the symbolic meaning of stars in order to help to humanity make real and significant changes on earth through by metaphysical / astrological teachings

God created the Universe with its stars and planets for signs and seasons. The harmony of the heavens indeed reflect the Glory of God and all of His creation.

The suspected shooter was identified as Nikolas Jacob Cruz (born September 24, 1998, in Margate, Florida), who was a 19-year-old former student at the school

“We had this monster living under our roof and we didn’t know,” Kimberly Snead told the South Florida Sun Sentinel in an exclusive interview Saturday. “We didn’t see his dark side of him.”

So here’s opportunity to expose his natal cosmic identifies to FBI, parents, victims, students and the world! I hope this help you understand and see Nikolas Cruz’s psyche in action by using the science of Astropsychology.

Sun 01Lib14 (2) (self esteem) Soul purpose to investigate both the physical and spiritual laws and bring balance and harmony to the world but no one teaches him or never taught himself to uncover his natal cosmic identifies with divinity and with it, a life with health, love and safely at home or school.

Moon 12Sco39 (3) (the mind) Wherever the Scorpio resides in natal chart; drama, death, secret, police enter his life. The Moon in the 3rd house of critical thinking often bring emotion response linked to communication, writing, mental abilities related to violence, death, police and drama. Cruz had anger management problems and often joked about guns and gun violence, including “shooting up establishments” His YouTube videos included violent threats, such as “I wanna die Fighting killing shit ton of people.”

Mercury 00Lib09 (2) (self esteem) Mercury rules the mind in the legally oriented sign of Libra. His diplomacy comes naturally to his approach is not fit this verbal and social bullying at school which it threat his physical and emotional safely. That negatively impact his ability to critical thinking or vacillate in any direction.

Venus 21Vir57 (1) (self) Perfectionist Venusian Virginal sometime quite critical, even picky with others, critical, with high standards, and a matter-of-fact attitude. He repeatedly espoused racist, homophobic and anti-Semitic views and displayed an obsession with violence and guns. He said his hate for black people was ‘simply because they were black’, and he referred to white women in interracial relationships as traitors.

Mars 21Leo58 (12) (subconscious)  Mars (desire/aggressive) in 12th house of subconscious. Subconsciously attracting violent and dangerous people. Leo also rules the 5th House of love, and in the 12th House of secret affairs. He could be deceiving himself with love. Ego, pride, and vanity are the self-undoing. It is important for him to control the fear of not being good enough or the fear of not finding real love. He was later expelled for apparently fighting, was abusive toward his ex-girlfriend.

Jupiter 21Pis58 (7) (contracts/partners) Jupiter rules the codification of thoughts but Pisces is weak, fearful and very imaginative. He was religiously poisoned at an early age and nurtured a serious confused insecure to religion and how much he shares his deceiving with the public.

Saturn 02Tau20 (9) (higher education) Saturn the great malefic in 9th house of higher education, he may be skeptical and need to prove their theories, He rather require security and comfort at all times or else he feel things in his life are chaotic.

Uranus 09Aqu03 (6) (work/health) The planet Uranus rules the sign of Aquarius. His energies of Uranus are electric, erratic, unstable, unpredictable combined with the electronics devices touch makes him erratic behavior, and disturbing social media posts. The 6th house is ruled by the planet Mercury has it’s influence on the sign of communication, writing, and mental abilities.

Neptune 29Cap28 (5) (Weird/deceptive) Neptune in Capricorn own much the same deceptive powers controlling their lives while in the 5th House of love affairs with strict and get serious- even in romance and an inability to let go and have fun.

Pluto 05Sag43 (4) (Home/Family connection) The planet Pluto rules the intense sign of Scorpio, quite clearly privately transforming, intense and passionate at home, in private. He had a lot intense feelings, of love or hate, for foreigners and religions. we can only expect drama in these areas.

MNNode 29Leo37 (12) (subconscious) He find very hard to differentiate reality from fiction but attention-seeking attracts secret enemies. If uncover his natal cosmic identifies at early age, He would courage, warmth, and a human touch in interactions with youth & children, inmates, the sick, and the mentally ill with his real heart.

MSNode 29Aqu37 (6) (work/health) The sixth house is responsible for work and service, subconsciously “professional school shooter”. The 6th house is ruled by Puritanical Virgo (cleansing/perfectionist) did the terrible job to act as a cleaner, a justice bringer and a sacrificed warrior. His past lives are loaded with religious endeavors where he (she) was forced into a belief system that perceived Jews are the enemy and Jesus’ killers. Negative Tail in Aquarius “shocking” that brought him shocking news during solar “shocking / sudden release of energy” eclipse.

BlackMoon 01Sco40 (3) (mind) He was suffering serious ups and downs (the moon’s fluctuations). He making threats to students, teachers and classmates in the past. He wrote racist posts that he hated “jews, ni**ers, immigrants” and talking “about killing Mexicans, keeping black people in chains and cutting their necks.”

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