Super Moon Eclipse Prediction January 31, 2018

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(48 hours centering the dates)

SUPERMOON Full Moon – January 31, 2018. Full Moon in Leo. Within us, love and ego battle to control our lives. Be love, be kind and gentle with affairs of love and watch over children and protect them from hurt or disappeared under this energy. Keep Female Pride and Male Ego in control if you plan to comfort your loving partners relationship! Disturbing and surprising news with children are ahead of a possible be ready for causing great physical or mental pain by unexpected happenings but learn not to dwell on them. Life is a constant process of change; the future has better to offer. Expect earthquakes above 6.0 and avoid flying after Full Moon. Be patient, take chance and as a rule promote your life only the New Moon, Expect the incredible/shocking/surprise soon, Explosions and Nuclear News.

Image result for US says Russia 'developing' undersea nuclear-armed torpedoUS says Russia ‘developing’ undersea nuclear-armed torpedo …  – Nuclear News?

Image result for 6.1 magnitude quake rattles northern Afghanistan: USGS6.1 magnitude quake rattles northern Afghanistan: USGS

***Earthquakes above 6.0*** – Supermoon Prediction – 6.1 magnitude quake rattles northern Afghanistan: USGS

USGS and all traditionally educated geologists should learn something new about the moon power. Note Leo/Aquarius shares same expression on earthquakes, surprise, shocking news.

One killed, several injured after GOP train crashes with truckshocking news?

Former NBA player Rasual Butler and wife die in car crash – shocking news?

FEMA shocks Puerto Rico by ending food shipments today – Shocking news?

Peruvian farmers discover three mysterious objects – Incredible/Discovery?

Rep. Trey Gowdy not seeking re-election – Surprise news?

UK Lord Astonishes Parliament by Briefly Resigning for Being Late – Surprise news?

Image result for Mark Salling, 'Glee' actor, dead at 35Mark Salling of ‘Glee’ dead at 35 – CNN

This “Super Blood Moon” in Leo touch Mark Salling’s life directly touched by this tragedy as born in August. Indeed Salling was under one of his negative 2018 personal cosmic biorhythm via Universal Dragon Leo/Aquarius axis.

In this case, Wherever Scorpio resides in in your chart by house and sign you can expect anything dramatic and deadly including the ***police***, full power, secrecy, ***sex***, death and regeneration will enter your life something he was not able to auto analyze himself and our dry, non spiritual scientific community can not explain his Scorpio’s passion for secrecy combined with Salling’s moon and 4th house Scorpio, produced Salling’s “secret room” which is accessed through a closet.

EDUCATE all children about their personal celestial identities and teach them to control the passion, racist, killer urges and sin, and focus in developing all the great virtues! There is only one shot to do so successfully, its during puberty!

Sad enough, At this date (January 2013) the Scorpio Dragon is affecting all Leo’s 4th house (home/real estate/family matters) – a woman accused Salling of committing sexual battery by forcing her to have unprotected sex without her consent.

At the date (December 2015) the Pisces Dragon is affecting all Leo’s 8th house (life/death/secret/sex) – Salling was arrested at his Los Angeles home on suspicion of possessing several thousand photos and videos depicting child pornography.

Image result for Twitter Explodes as James Harden Records 1st-Ever 60-Point Triple-DoubleTwitter Explodes as James Harden Records 1st-Ever 60-Point Triple …

James Harden becomes first player in NBA history to score 60 points in triple-double (60pts/11ast/10reb) – This “SuperMoon” in Leo touch James Harden’s life directly touched by this historic effort as born in August. Leo rules fame and fortune. Indeed Harden was under one of his positive 2018 personal cosmic biorhythm. He born with Dragon Leo/Aquarius axis.

Image result for Top surfwear CEO goes missing off coast of FranceTop surfwear CEO goes missing off coast of France 

CEO goes missing off coast of France – What the scientists do not know is; without the full moon, there could be no possibility for life on earth because the moon is responsible for the weather development, natural disasters and all human behavior. Quicksilver CEO Pierre Agnes did not to check the weather ahead shows an incredible lack of responsibility to those who trusted you or in a trip than could end up in the ocean if you keep ignoring the “Super Blood Moon”.
The gravitational forces pulls of the “Super Blood Moon” on the earth causes waves. The ocean is never still. Before setting out in the seas, Must observing from the beach or a boat, we expect to see waves on the horizon however new waxing moon may lead you to live a safe and a very productive life in the process is a best option.
According to these headlines, what happened to the lost at sea, Rough seas were reported in the area which is known for intense, sometimes dangerous waves that are prized by surfers. Pierre Agnes had set out on his boat early in the morning but sent a message to port authorities later in the day to say that he would be delaying his return due to thick fog then later early afternoon, fears were growing for his safety, after friends and family failed to contact him, and a Mayday alert was launched.
Airlines cancel more than 200 flights over tensions between China and Taiwan – Strongly affected by the Supermoon’s fluctuations (emotional response to life) upon his lunatic behavior or moodiness to canceling/ called off the flights because Taiwan refused to approve them due to a dispute over aviation routes intensifies. The flights had been scheduled in addition to the airlines’ regular Taiwan services in order to cope with the high demand for travel around the Lunar New Year holiday, which starts next month. Does China and Taiwan know about “Lunar New Year holiday” Moon’s fluctuations? lunatic, moody, crabby reflect a subconscious response to our Lunar effect? No, both have lost so much wisdom of the real Power of the Dragon and Moon Power over the years.
Image result for Suspect in quadruple killing at car wash dies
4 killed in Pennsylvania car wash shooting – Ex-boyfriend developed an obsession over her because was “heartbroken and jealous” after broke up. Strongly affected by the Supermoon’s fluctuations (emotional response to life) upon his lunatic behavior or moodiness to ending others’ lives and his life. Mental health is about self control. Are you in control of your life? Mental infestation has self-destructive patterns and tendencies when use /abuse of legal/illegal drugs lead to emotional instability or explosive emotion

Must patience and observations to make a good use of moon checking only then when Moon finally becomes FULL, be aware of approaching “flashing yellow light means proceed with caution” to slow down(calm down). Use to will to fight depression, clean your house, prepare your next move, keep write when busy, don’t sent anything yet.

Image result for 4 students hit by gunfire at Los Angeles school; 12-year-old girl in ...

4 students hit by gunfire at Los Angeles school; 12-year-old girl in …

12-year-old girl held in classroom shooting – If all the children of the world were taught Astrology, they would understand themselves and others greatly and in the process receive and give love and respect to and for all under SuperMoon. 

Religious and Science still in war against each other for supremacy. Currently, there is no much hope for the children, and not all astrology will be ignored from Google and the Internet, thus there is still hope for the children of the future looking for legitimate cosmic wisdom…In 2018 people would rather use or abuse legal or illegal drugs to forget reality than to explore their own cosmic identity and use this mind boggling wisdom to lead a safe and wonderful life….


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