The Hunt for Margaret Lorrain Smith – Using the science of Astroforensics

Wife allegedly paid man to beat husband to death over real estate

The Hunt for Margaret Lorrain Smith – Date of Birth: 01/12/1959

Why wife paid man to beat husband to death over real estate (MONEY)?

POLICE, FBI, CIA, NSA DETECTIVES and LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCY can learn/understand/involved in studying the complexity of the human mind by using the science of Astroforensics / Astropsychology to help the crime solution! But It’s sad to see astrology thrown out as a pseudoscience or meaningless trash. You must realize You are a child of the universe, therefore you have the right to know the truth. Creator designed the solar system for a major reason to create a Life on earth with all these energies / subtle interaction with the human psyche and there are reasons for you to be, you are from the stars.

If you are a criminology, take a chance, study all spiritual planetary aspects of crime as a cosmic phenomenon thus its affects on society as a whole. This will benefit all the children of the future as students of cosmic criminal justice / Astrocriminology / Astroforensics, on the other hand, focus on the system in which crime is discover or investigate, prosecuted and punished.



Sun 21Cap33 (1) The soul’s purpose to establish a solid career where respect and recognition and power but manipulations and abuse over her power on his husband.

Moon 02Pis20 (3) (mind) Moon rules emotion response in 3rd house of mind while secret, deceptive, drink, drugs and ESCAPE sign of Pisces. After she moved out of the family home and found herself a younger boyfriend and plus using the drugs. Margaret Lorrain Smith often dyes her naturally dark curly hair or wears wigs.

Mercury 02Cap31 (1) Mercury rules mind, communication and transportation. Capricorn rules organizing and horrible planning, after (allegedly) arranging George’s brutal murder obviously, Lorrain had tried to hire him to make a man “disappear”. During deadly window (waning moon) on August 6, 2007, Lorrain invited George to dinner at their favorite Mexican restaurant. He accepted. The next morning, his brutally beaten corpse was discovered on nearby Follett’s Beach in Surfside, At first, Lorrain denied any knowledge of his death, saying that the night before, George had gotten drunk, and they argued. She claimed he had kicked her out of his car on the way home.

Venus 06Aqu28 (2) (self-esteem) Venus rules love / beauty in 2nd house of money and self esteem. Aquarius rules shocking and independent. Her children were shocked as dyed her hair, began wearing provocative clothing, and hung out with a young crowd of drug-dealing partyers.

Mars 19Tau46 (5) detriment (traditional) Mars rules aggressive, desire and violence in 5th house of love and speculation where she go against his husband over the money. Taurus rules money and wealth.

Jupiter 26Sco00 (11) (friends/wishes) She made too many enemies and hired someone help kill his husband.

Saturn 00Cap48 (1) Saturn rules fear principle, ambitious and hungry for power in same sign of Capricorn.

Uranus 15Leo15 (8) detriment Uranus (sudden release of energy) is in 8th house of death and drama where it located in love and speculation sign of Leo.

Neptune 06Sco46 (11) (friend/wishes) Neptune rules imagination, deception, all forms of poisoning of the body, mind and soul in 11th house of friend and wishes. She hung out with a young crowd of alleged drug-dealing partyers. Scorpio rules secret, sex, drama and death (his husband)!

Pluto 03Vir53 (9) Pluto (power/passion) in 9th house of foreign lands and foreign travel where she want go out than stay in the relationship. She may be moving back and forth between Mexico and the U.S.

Ascendant 22Ari57 (1) master in communication, but not listen too well to other people.
Midheaven 19Cap37 (10) manipulations and abuse

MNNode 17Lib27 (10) the public, known enemies, partners, opponents, others. 
MSNode 17Ari27 (4) Negative aggressive , impatience and demanding

BlackMoon 06Tau19 (5) She killed him because of money, Taurus rules business deal and money, Note also 5th house of love and speculation, she could only attract the wrong people

If you’ve seen Margaret Lorrain Smith or have any information regarding her whereabouts, call us at 1-866-THE-HUNT or go to our website, You can remain anonymous. We’ll pass your tip to the proper authorities, and if requested, will not reveal your name.

See more of Smith’s case on “The Hunt with John Walsh,” at 9 p.m. ET/PT Sunday, August 16.


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