The Mystery of the Hindenburg Disaster Finally Solved?

Sad enough, unconscious scientists in the past were ignorance like this from its science and public readers. There is absolutely no mystery about Hindenburg disaster. This is good example of UNCONSCIOUS scientists where it is spoken through the stars to expose the news last thursday, May 6, 1937.

10153776_1500x1182It’s hard to believe there’s much mystery still surrounding the Hindenburg disaster. After all, the largest airship in history was not only filled with hydrogen — a notoriously combustible gas — but the horrific incident was one of the first disasters to be captured in real time — on film, in photos and live on the radio (not to mention immortalized in Led Zeppelin album cover art). But 67 years on, scientists still haven’t been able to definitively say what actually caused the spectacular 1937 explosion as the German airship attempted to dock in Lakehurst, N.J.

Hindenburg Disaster was affected under the Mercury Retrograde because it rules misdirected and/or delayed, along with Dragon tail (negative) in Gemini that was affected in traveling, transportation, communication, technology; all these areas ruled by Mercury if something seem went wrong, it manifests something wrong during the Mercury Retrograde and Mercurial Dragon. The problem is that they don’t know how to read the signs in the stars language.  If you got the planning without God’s Celestial plan with awareness is a big mistake of ignorance that will cost you emotion, mental, money and life. It may look impossible, but the stars can do anything possible. Just because you aren’t trained to translate or read the stars properly, doesn’t mean nothing has happened until you understand completely how the stars operate of its magnetic energies. That’s why it took 67 years to figure what’s going on with this disaster.

This is serious negative mercury energy that will mess up the communication system, also will happen with driving, delaying, strike, natural disaster, weather including hurricanes and tornadoes. It would cancel thousands of flights, also the electricity would be cut off, so would the communication system such as computer, telephones and transportation.
Feb 17, 2013- March 24, 2013.

1 dead, 600,000 without power from ongoing blizzard

Snowstorm loses steam, but still packs a punch from Missouri to Maine

30-vehicle accident, bad weather cause highway’s closure in Colorado

Heavy snow claims eight lives in northern Japan

Chicago sets snowfall record as mid-Atlantic braces

FAA says 173 air traffic control towers will close on April 7

‘Snowquester’ shuts down Washington, snarls air travel

But not only that, universal mercurial would allow you to rewind your life and check off the obligations that had been delayed or haven’t get them done. Mercury rewind your life and go back to clear out your mistakes. Universe allow to give a chance to go back for many cosmic reasons to catch up with what you have left behind.

Of course mercury retograde pull attention on how cruise industry operates and review of the past the Costa Concordia Disaster.



RULERS – Capricorn (self-master) and Aquarius (shocking, surprise)

With the Waning Moon, don’t be depressed, keep up with your new beginning with co-workers and boss. You will feel uplifted for the next week, so be patience. Capricorn will promote your new job, career wise. Aquarius loves to change and will bring you a new technology to use for work purpose. Don’t stress yourself. You need make a plan for a new business trip. Make a lot of contact with your Capricorn friends for a career desire that will lead a surprise in your partnership. You have to play with your strategy and make a wish come true. Take easy with your relationship. You will get surprised soon or later. Family matters may face some changes. be confident in the new situation as it may affect your security and finance. Not exactly a good time to socialize, looking for a favor with a Waning Moon will not get you nowhere, but Aquarius can drag down with friends. Aquarius rules friends and wish. It’s great time to go fishing or riding a boat. Be careful with children. Watch out. If you looking a good place to dine with your date, just wait till new week, but don’t rush where the romance is irresistible. Take easy and exchange the question and share with your background. Take easy when you drive on the road under a bad storm such as lightning. Expect some driver with unexpected behavior or a road rage. Aquarius rules earthquake, explosion, volcanic and sudden energy. worse/bad storm may be breaking news. Watch CNN Weather. Expect famous people to behave erratic in the public or unexpected break up in relationship, or a surprise pregnancy announcement.

Universal Precaution: Under Aquarius’s power as dramatic news, earthquake, explosive, volcanoes, surprised news.

UPDATED- Lion kills one person at sanctuary in California-Shocking news
5.6 earthquake strikes northeastern Taiwan -Earthquake
Air marshals, flight attendants want TSA to reconsider knife policy-Shocking news
Russell Crowe claims he spotted a UFO-UFO
Asteroid to fly past Earth this weekend-Cosmos News

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