The New World Pope

This is no accident to elect the new pope this week during the new moon in pisces/aries. We are currently in the month of March- Pisces. Pope Francis bows to the crowd from the central balcony of St. Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican on March 13, 2013. Pisces rules religious/illusion/church/drug/hospital. Pisces ruled/deceived by Neptune, the Lord of the Seas

Was the election of Pope based on public’s choice? No, That’s why the pope election has kept secret while the process in election was under the control religiously…and political purpose. All about the Neptunian energy that vibrates, how can we be drawn to religious energy something you can’t see or smell. Vatican had elected new Pope from Argentina for first time in History that its church has selected a Latino from outside of Europe. Just first one ever, more than 1,200 years which has a reason behind it in needing to change in order to survive the Catholicism, in either new direction for better or worse. Apparently, The Catholic Church knew which population to target and trap the simple minded, gullible and ignorant public to stay devoted to the Church. Most of these are to be found in the Third World countries, where the Catholic Church is making most of its gains through them. Its outdated religious control system has the opposition to effective birth control methods, which means that the Catholic Church is responsible for much of the world’s poverty, overpopulated communities and misery out in worldwide. This controlled policy is not just irresponsible, but a crime against the humanity.

Seriously note, How many people knew about the planet mercury retograde that actually messed up the people’s agenda, such like this? many are clueless. how can it set up for election of Pope, closest energy to mercury retograde in that time frame. it is something that must pay attention or must feel something off. Supposed, it is Pope’s duty to his people, as he would spread some divine message from above the stars(mercury retograde) to avoid the victimization of the stars…None, he won’t share the secret, but trained to get fixed on religion practice dutifully. Ask yourself, where is the Pope’s divine guide? What has made this world so chaotic and dangerous? Why is that, is because you’re following the archaic religious materials, or to choose and follow divine celesital’s signs above the stars? Pope’s divine guide should included a depth astrological divine tools…nothing happened for over 2,000 years to deliver this valuable and ancient spiritual knowledge. This deceptive archaic system altered the teachings into controlled religion practice, oppressed the truth of astrology teaching… Shame on you, Catholic Church…

You won’t be taught this in Sunday school!



This is negative mercury energy during a short time period, that will mess up the communication system, also will affect with driving, delaying, strike, natural disaster, weather disasters, including hurricanes and tornadoes. It would cancel thousands of flights, also some electricity would be cut off, so would the communication system such as computer, internet, telephone and transportation.

Predicted- Feb 17, 2013- March 24, 2013.

1 dead, 600,000 without power from ongoing blizzard

Snowstorm loses steam, but still packs a punch from Missouri to Maine

30-vehicle accident, bad weather cause highway’s closure in Colorado

Heavy snow claims eight lives in northern Japan

Chicago sets snowfall record as mid-Atlantic braces

FAA says 173 air traffic control towers will close on April 7

‘Snowquester’ shuts down Washington, snarls air travel


Vatican Pope

Jorge is one of Neptunian popes that he elected a new pope today. Jorge Bergoglio was born on December 17, 1936- He may be riding his dragon head(religion), but the dragon tail concerns me. Most dragon tail Gemini’s lead a double secret life and don’t often tell the truth. So it will be interesting to see how that may play out. Also Gemini rules the lungs, so it is no surprise that he has only one lung! The power of his Dragon Head in Sagittarius and Sun in Sagittarius is the Jupiter, are often religious and philosophical, with a strong sense of law and truth.

Mercury and Jupiter in Capricorn is very strong earthy element/energy in him where that lacks of intuition and, is more concerned with archaic religious material. Blessing planet gives him the opportunity to climb the ladder of success to get to a higher position(pope). Moon/Venus in Aquarius makes him to embrace the people, but his Saturn rules the fear in the sign of Pisces, he has to follow what his beliefs that gets him to talk about archaic religious material at work where it opposition to Neptune(religious) in sign of religious perfectionist freaks virgo. His Pluto (power) in Cancer generation have great instincts and with a strong sense of family, home and sercuity.

Note The Vatican has the largest secret library of a collection in Astrology/Astronomy books of any place on planet, but Vatican Religion kept denied that for a long time and refused to allow the public to look in the astrology library in the Vatican due to ‘Illuminati’ religion that aren’t trained to the people how to translate or read the stars properly, doesn’t mean nothing has happened until you understand completely how the secret of stars operate of its magnetic energies. Vatican is the largest global organized crime network continuation of the Roman Empire by hijacking and manipulating the religion for their agenda politically.

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