The Stars and Fate of Bobby Brown

Robert Barisford “Bobby” Brown (born February 5, 1969) is an American R&B singer-songwriter, occasional rapper, and dancer. Note Bobby was born a Aquarius faces the world as Leo (fame/fortune) and already set by his DOB to own the stage of fame and fortune. But what makes him yet another successful Leo is that he followed his natal Dragon’s Head in Aries (Leader) located right in his 3th house of communication, songwriter, outspoken, singer.

Remember the stars are not responsibilities about your decision-making, your logic or your intelligence, your romantic, your deceiving religious doctrines where your responsibilities to find out what your weak karma. Human Performance is simply response to the pull of the stars, where it’s totally unaware of the reflecting on the strengths and weakness in your chart. Another words Bobby” Brown are simply the “automatically respond” of his own stars. Most important is you must understand your karma and make it avoid from bad habit as bad pattern! You better find out what your past lives tell you about this one with me. You can see clearly your old habits and attitudes that are holding you back.

Sun 16Aqu01 (1) The self – Soul’s purpose – Original, Inventive, Independent, Humanitarian
Moon 14Vir26 (8) Death – Corporate Endeavors – Pay Check
Mercury 02Aqu10 (1) The self – intellectual freedom, Unique opinions, Original, Inventive
Venus 02Ari40 (3) Mind- communication, songwriter, outspoken, singer.
Mars 20Sco12 (10) Career – Public Standing – Accomplishments
Jupiter 05Lib41 (9) Education- tradition religious, foreign lands, codification of thought
Saturn 20Ari33 (3) Mind- communication, songwriter, outspoken, singer.
Uranus 03Lib39 (9) Education- tradition religious, foreign lands, codification of thought
Neptune 28Sco33 (10) Career – Public Standing – Accomplishments
Pluto 24Vir42 (8) Death – Corporate Endeavors – Pay Check- Service to the world

Dragon’s Head – 02Ari46 (3) Mind- communication, songwriter, outspoken, singer.
Dragon’s Tail – 02Lib46 (9) Education- tradition religious, foreign lands, codification of thought

RULER OF CHART: Pluto (Drama/Death/Sex/Corporate Endeavors/Pay Check)
PLANETARY HOUR LORD: Mercury (Communication/Songwriter/Outspoken/Singer)

Brown was diagnosed with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder(Mercury) when he was a child; in the early 2000s he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder(Mercury).
Mercury rules fast, speed, transportation, chatter, talking head, broadcasting, radio and Communication, but Mercury is located in the sign of Aquarius(abrupt/ assertive) and also his Sun’s ruler, both the Sun and Mercury being connected with Aquarius/Uranus which it make difference such erratic behavior, rebel, naturally seeks an exciting, and social environment.

Again with no “automatic self-evaluations” may not give good signal on himself. Bobby Brown does not know why he acted so erratic behavior. Why? Aquarius rules Friend and Wish and the 11th house of friends where a man will create something his wish come true, but with Mars(drive/sex/aggressive) conjunct Neptune(Drugs/Alcohol) as a result, Brown’s legal and substance abuse troubles threatened to overshadow his music. Brown was arrested for misdemeanor battery, allegedly for striking Houston while shouting epithets. In February 2004, Brown was arrested and jailed in Georgia on a parole violation related to a previous drunk driving conviction. There are no accident his wife(Leo) attract his husband(Aquarius) are opposites of each other and their manifesting Love is based on ‘opposites attract’. Why? It has to be balanced in their relationships.

Bobby Brown’s Dragon’s Head (luck) is located in the sign of Aries (Leader) and the Mars can either destroy him or empower him that need to break new ground can lead him into anywhere to go. With Pluto (power/drama) and Moon(emotion) in his perfectionist are behaving like a religious poisoned soul that’s why he went to Israel with his wife to visit friends and family among the Black Hebrews, an African-American community that moved to Israel a long time ago.

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