The Stars of the Royal Baby

(CNN) — Maybe Henry VIII should have been watching what his many wives ate if he wanted to improve the odds of having sons.  The question of a child’s sex may not carry the same weight in today’s British monarchy, but the world is watching to find out whether Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, are expecting a baby boy or girl this month.
Boy? Girl? Who Cares? Most importantly to be concerned with her/his soul purpose by according to his/her natal chart via the stars and fates where I will give a great detail about his/her cosmic journey. what do the stars have to say about the royal baby this month?

Science of Astrology knows exactly how babies are received by God’s sign. CNN needs to write another article about the royals related to the spiritual side rather than focus on gender/sexism subject, that is something new to make it interesting. Let’s try with a little common sense, instead of junk science lacking of spirit and divine’s manifestation that may be seen and heard through the glory of the stars.

Catherine will be giving birth to either a boy or a girl this month of July, once a spirit enters his/her body after cutting the umbilical cord, gets automatically loaded with gifts, talents and abilities somewhere within his/her with a cosmic purpose, a cosmic journey through God’s cosmic tool that strengthens him/her! What’s God’s cosmic tool? Where? All you need to do to check the month of July. The ‘lunatic’ Moon rules emotion, feeling and instinct in the sign of Cancer, controlled by the month of July. Cancer people are very protective, sympathetic, and the family matters will always play an important part of their lives. They are classified as ‘nurturer’ of Astrology. Strongly affected by the Moon fluctuations produced by the lunation, must learn to control the hyper-sensitivity to let it go where it rules the human mind and emotion that resides within. To discover what your natal chart is all about.

This year of the universal Scorpio/Taurus natal Dragon axis offers the royal baby’s own hidden karmic such as growth/blessing tool, the nature of the past life wealth and abundance which is no accident. This royal baby’s fate may be unconscious of the mysterious plan in the cosmic Universe that has offered an original and unique characteristic traits in his/her hidden karmic that needs to be aware, or could end up with self-destructive / get lost in fear/ negativity that affects the subconscious related to financial attitude.. You never have to compare yourself with anyone else. Every each one of you is unique based on the universal cosmic design in the houses, the signs and the dragon since birth. Understanding, Prince William and Catherine can compare themselves with the members of their family due to genetic via physical plane that goes through the DNA where the appearances, may look like the parents, yet here is more focus on a spiritual plane in-depth to the core, than a physical plane.

What doesn’t Prince William and Catherine know about God that created us with his brilliantly engineered designs through the cosmic stars that installed within us since birth for mysterious multiplied purposes. Sad reality, You can’t find any news, organizations in the UK that answer with big cosmic questions about this baby due to non cosmic conscious and even the BBC haven’t interviewed a true Astrophile on this subject.

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