Tom Gabel’s Transformation

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Against Me! singer Tom Gabel speaks out on being transgender, and shares her plans to transition from a man to a woman. The punk rocker has been privately struggling with gender dysphoria, and will soon start taking hormones and receiving electrolysis treatments, Rolling Stone reports.

Of course Many traditionally educated psychologists/psychiatrists truly do not understand how someone could feel like they are the wrong gender. Is it because they do not feel comfortable as a male and the only other option is being a female (and vice versa)? How do you know you’d feel better as the opposite gender? I think part of his subconsciously or willingly reject masculine and I will have to go deeper into his psyche and give you more detail about his natal chart that what the individual looking to go through his psyche and offer process expects the other gender to be like. Don’t tell me What if it’s not what they are expecting and it doesn’t fix whatever the issue is? Again, This is one of the many examples of how misinformed and ignorant educated psychologists/psychiatrists are about this and these are unanswers questions of sex transformation as part of one’s essential identity.

Thomas James “Tom” Gabel (born November 8, 1980) is the lead vocalist, songwriter, and a guitarist for the punk rock band Against Me!, as well as a solo artist and record producer.

I have looked specifically for something to explain about gender dysphoria and sex transformation that simply reflecting his own natal UCI or “Unique Celestial Identity. With Sun(fame), Mercury(mind) and Moon represents the inner self, and conjunct weirdo planet Uranus (representing the unexpected, sudden changes and shocks) all in the sign of Scorpio (Secrets/Sex/Rebirth/Death) becomes sexual intensity transformation from a man to a woman.

Gabel experienced feelings of gender dysphoria from an early age, playing with Barbie dolls and fantasizing about being Madonna that reflects his own Mars in adventurous Sagittarius conjunct Neptune, which may foster confusion about masculinity, sex and transformation. Pluto(power/secret), Venus(love/attract), Saturn(depression/fear) and Jupiter(growth/lucky) all in the 12th house is about secrets, fears, the subconscious and He’s unsure whether or not the singer had began living as a woman. In fact, Dragon Tail in the freedom oriented sign of Aquarius(shocking/explosions) in 4th house, the water sign of Cancer, home sign of the Moon where he has long felt disconnected from his body and decide to expression “unique and different kind of explosive” his sexual identity in the public.

From Sun, ruler of his Dragon Head, he is blessed with the love, art, romantic, the stage, power and control appeals to Gabel however, Transgenders are mostly born this way due to their fated stars.

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