Transiting Uranus, How does it applying your cosmic journey?

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Uranus in Taurus – 2018 to 2026 – Uranus Transits: Houses

Uranus is the futuristic planet in our solar system. Uranus is sudden awakening, unexpected events, shocking, sudden surprise, sudden release of energy, explosive, technology, avionics, electronics, NASA/FAA, flying , incredible UFO phenomenon, cosmos, stars and astrology. Uranus’s energy includes eccentric, controversy, rebellious, freedom and truth seekers. Uranus’s location in your natal chart resides based on a signs or houses that opportunities to sudden awakening and cosmic consciousness.

Born May – First House. This house rules attitudes, self-image, physical approach and ego where the impression we make, how we start things first. Uranus stimulated your first house which it allow to express your freedom of speech, intellectual / futuristic / erratic / unique / progressive / visionary approach and movement in surprising ways.

Born April – Second House. This house rules money, possessions, materialism and self-esteem where your money into your personal bank account and value material possessions. Uranus stimulated your 2nd house that gonna be sudden shifts and changes financially or sudden ups and downs financially in personal finances. Earning the money through electronics and technology. Collecting or owning unique, futuristic unusual things.

Born March – Third House This house rules mental processing, siblings, communications, and transportation. Uranus stimulated your 3rd house that gonna be sudden unexpected new learning / new study or traveling you have to make that decision to go but be careful with driving on the road because this can create erratic impulsive energy case you’re not make the right decision. Uranus rules shocking accident.

Born February – Fourth House  This house rules home, family influence, emotional security, real estate. Uranus stimulated your 4th house – This is going to be a move in something about where you living could radically shift and find that thing are not so stable going on in the home life or could be some problem for your mother. There can be some breakdown some equipment in your home due to some disruptions or erratic.

Born January – Fifth House This house rules love, romance, children and speculations. Uranus stimulated your 5th house  – Unexpectedly children make radical shifts and change they may be more rebellious to you speaking back or unexpected pregnancy something that effect or an unusual way of expressing love. Bizarre and unusual interests/hobbies.

Born December – Sixth House This house rules health, work and service to the world. Uranus stimulated your 6th house – your jobs change unexpectedly at least the condition of where you’re going with your work change erratically – progressive, inventive, and visionary approaches to health, diet, labor, and working conditions which you work tirelessly at certain times. Chaotic/ Erratic / Shaking up your daily routine.

Born November – Seventh House  This house rules marriage, contracts, business partners and face the world. Uranus stimulated your 7th house that gonna be sudden unexpected new experience erratic or rebellious behavior in a close partner or sudden attraction to falling in love or sudden unexpected divorce.

Born October – Eighth House The house rules finances, other person’s resource, investments and mortgages. Uranus stimulated your 8th house – unexpected changes with your finances that goes up and down or received an unexpected amount of money from other people’s finances or part of the collective debt problem from others so avoid any finances trouble like stress, lawsuit, tax purpose. Unusual research methods.

Born September – Ninth House  This house rules higher learning, teaching, publishing, and traveling. Uranus stimulated your 9th house – exciting new ventures travel like unexpectedly, unusual, eye-opening experiences, new studies waking up to something that you never dreamed possible a new idea with the outer limits of the mind.

Born August – Tenth House This house rules career, achievements, and public standing, Uranus stimulated your 10th house – a brand-new unexpected change for career something you did not expect a major shift and deal with computers in technology or astrology career or science career  and this can be a sudden, exciting discovery in your life story impact your career and reputation or achievements.

Born July – Eleventh House The house rules friends, and wishes. Uranus stimulated your 11th house – Changes in your social circle now, and you are meeting new diverse group of friends and unusual people. You may join a group that is devoted to metaphysics or astrology group. Group efforts toward social reform.

Born June – Twelfth House This house rules subconscious, dream and imagination. Uranus stimulated your 12th house – bring up some things of the past that you’re unaware of and bring an ending to something you thought was going to continue so watch your dream you could have visions because it’s the spiritual awakener through the dream process or unusual approaches to helping others. Unusual meditation techniques.

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