Universal Heart

I was talking to a friend of mine about Valentine’s Day and was surprised when he … who feel down on V-Day and claimed was no special woman in his life. All I can say is be your own Valentine’s Day and keep spread your love and love yourself first. I tried to explain about the planet Venus, love and relationship related to self esteem and self-worth. Let me explain a little bit about Universal love itself..

The Universal Heart’s intended to bring forth your consciousness of the the planets/stars where the subject of love and how the love of the planet Venus interacts with the human psyche and focuses on the strengths, weaknesses, emotion, self esteem and more. Know what? Everyday is valentines day for everyone. Don’t be waste your love waiting for it to change. Keep spread your love. Use your power of Venus, Goddess of love to spread love. Make her or him love you. you don’t have to feel the need to be handsome to get some love. you don’t have to feel the need to be ugly to get some love. you don’t have to feel the need to be rich to get some love. you don’t have to feel the need to be whatever you want to get for some love. Know what? you don’t have to feel the need to be prefect. Just be the right one. so Now lets get back to the point, as the planet of love and values, you already have your own Venus love in you so that meaning you must love yourself first before you love somebody else. you can win 3 millions dollars lottery tomorrow but money can’t buy love. How can you help or love others without love yourself first? That’s why Many celebrity end up committing suicide.. Blame who? Blame Government? God? Devil? Family? you can blame whoever you call it. but your responsible is you. Yes, To building your own awareness with universal celestial language where the planet Venus love that affect you and others and how you treat the people who you love than anything in this world.

Universal is too much busy listen your pray but you must ask God for the answers are in heavens where you suppose to see God’s signs(stars) It’s all about ask, seek, knock like What is the Venus and how does it influence our love lives? What is Astrology and how can it help us find true love? Many people have love interests, some not requited. Can Astrology bring back a lover? How can we tell if someone is right or not right for us? Sun signs, Rising Signs, Moon signs….what does it all mean? Is there a relationship between Mars and Venus, the different houses in our charts? What is attraction between human?

For examples, my natal chart of Venus(the art) is in the 2nd house of money where I must spend resources learning and mastering the arts before earn through client relationship from the investment/financial in future. This planet will affect my self-esteem and self-worth because the planet rules money and love where it’s capacity for diplomacy to make living in the life of the subject that will lead to marry a partner with well education to build my personal wealth.

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