Universal Precaution To The World- March 17 to 19

Universal Precaution- March 17/18/19 to expect large quakes, shocking news and explosions due ‘Aquarius’. To understand the stars and careful attention to God’ signs keeping careful watch for possible danger or difficulties and willing to expand it to awaken of cosmic patterns enter the conscious mind. Same energy go back to February 19/20/21 and The future will always look bright, clear and manifested which the “fate” is written in the stars in ahead of time.

February 19/20/21- Moon in Aquarius
CNN- Nuclear officials meet Iranian leaders amid rising tensions in region- Aquarius rules nukes
CNN chats with Glenn and Carpenter 50 years after historic orbit- Aquarius rules Aeronautics
CNN- Aircraft collide over northern California – Aquarius rules Aeronautics
CNN- Video: Airports are making it easier for passengers to finding peace.- Aquarius rules Aeronautics
CNN- 3 dead in Washington avalanche- Aquarius rules Shocking
CNN- 38 killed in Mexican prison riot- Aquarius rules Shocking
CNN- 15 killed in suicide blast targeting Baghdad police academy- Aquarius rules explosions
CNN- Missing teen mom, child found dead in Cleveland- Aquarius rules shocking
CNN- Chisora threatens to shoot Haye in brawl following Klitschko defeat- Aquarius rules shocking
CNN- Video: A couple on its honeymoon in Honolulu was involved in a fatal crash.- Aquarius rules shocking
CNN- Video: Two gorillas get loose at Kansas City’s zoo.- Aquarius rules shocking
CNN- Apple settles class-action suit over iPhone 4 antenna problem- Aquarius rules technology
CNN- Video: Trooper who shot her cleared of all charges- Aquarius rules shocking news
CNN- Residents across 13 states reported feeling a 4.0-magnitude earthquake Aquarius rule earthquake

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