UPDATED* Moon Guide- JAN 28/29/30/31

SAT/SUN/MON/TUE- JAN 28/29/30/31
RULERS-Aries(Danger/Fire) Gemini(Traveling) Taurus(Devoting):

Control your aggressive/anger or you better use your Venus’s gentle to slow down. With the new moon is green light. you may start your own power to develop your business goal. It’s good time to building your strenghten your chance for sucess in your life. Just trust in Moon’s guide and let it take care for you unless you aware of it. Trust your power of mercury communication and write up and feel your intiution. Keep in mind, Mars still here and use your activies where it will bring you good result with strenght and focus on your efforts to get everything done. Think first before you start applied a job and interview with boss. With “Talking head” Mercury, still in charge these days you can expect your email/text to be actively and attentively engaged in work. Use your Venus’s love touch in family and friend. Avoid Mars’ aggressive/challange and speak up.. Think Venus first when you visit your family and friend all the way and enjoy your time. Mars will make many mistakes due to restless and ego. It’s time to spread your love of Venus in advance to in order to get date.. Love is still in the air, social life is opportunity for many so better make significant process with your friends. Don’t trust Mars’ rage and speed on the road. Be patience and dont let police bust you for stupid speed. dont need to be hurry.
Universe Precaution: Mars’ volanic temper may produce tornadoes, explosions, high winds or flooding.

Nine die on smoky Florida roads

Universe Precaution: Mars rules explosive, fire, earthquakes, volcanoes

More than 100 Occupy activists arrested in Oakland after clashing with police

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