Virgin Killer with Twisted Mind

Isla Vista, California (CNN) — After promising a “day of retribution” on YouTube, a heavily armed, mentally disturbed 22-year-old went on a killing spree in a California college town, authorities said.

Elliot Rodger, born on July 24, 1991, here’s the explanation why he was whining how bad his life was, with a 140-page about how women had rejected his romance advances that led him to 7 dead involved in California drive-by shooting. DOB (date of birth) for natal chart, is much necessary requirement in order to analyze and understand this killer’s mind and destructive behavior. This is much quicker method to report by sharing my astrological knowledge. Unfortunately, psychologists, politicians and the NRA have not studied the Scienice of Astro-Psychology which is benefical to establish the cosmic facts from human psyche evidence of crime scenes. It would help predict for prevention of future criminal behavior. So,  my question is when will this insanity stop? we don’t have to live like this unless….


Lets be honest, a rebuttal. Only if the Science of Astrology is recognized and accepted by the US Dept of Education. Some of the systems need to be replaced to a new level as a spiritual education that provides the depth in psychology, sociology, justice, criminal and many. In fact,  your spiritual energy is often controlled by the stars. Stars divination is a revelation from God, a gift to his people for their spiritual journey. It’s a guidebook based upon the universal laws as a messenger of the stars that speak into our lives. Remember, that we are all strangers to this planet.  People who do not know themselves with their soul purposes, often get lost and receive no help. Many lost souls spend their lives searching for something desirable,  yet not knowing what it is or how to reach it. Natal charts show of your strength and weakness areas in your nature, your life.  The passion for self-discovery is intense, if lack of of real spiritual regeneration, worse reaction could happen.

US department of education has systematically destroyed the American society in general, as it had happened to this Santa Barbara killer Elliot Rodger without knowing any precautions. As an instance, anyone who want to get gun, a good way to get a check-up for approval on registrants’ natal charts to evaluate and question the human psyche (natal chart) through a modified astrology software to be applied within Astropsychology.

US as a whole, every state, needs to re-evaluate their mental health procedures in order to establish to add a new science of astrology or future “Astro-Forenics” science and develop credible evidences of planetary influences. There has to be at least a few red flags through a natal chart to confirm the possibitlies through a mental evaluation on this guy than just a quick behavioral evaluation having the cop at the door asking, “Are you alright, kid?” kind of questions. Note that each sign of the zodiac rules most part of the human body. Best bet to receive a full DOB first thing, to begin the questioning and investigating seriously.

Guess what? Adam Lanza and Elliot Rodger were born with the same dragon in Cancer(emotional).  Cancer rules extremely emotional sensitivity. The moon is essentially “at home” in Cancer. In fact, the term “lunatic” comes from the moon’s effect on us, the earthlings. Cancer rules the childhood memories , his nagging, whining on upbringing, with disappointment and unhappiness, especially appearing to feel that such feelings were the fault of others.

“I’m 22 years old and I’ve never had a girlfriend. I’m still a virgin. I’ve never had the pleasure of having sex with a girl, kissing a girl — I’ve never even held a girl’s hand. Hell, I don’t even have a young girl’s phone number in my cell phone,” he added. “And that’s just such an injustice because I am so magnificent. I deserve girls much more than all those slobs I see at my college.”

So,  when he did not have sex for a long time,  he became into a full of rage and hatred. Sex is an emotional connection that can instantly help and remove the anger in men, but the planet Mars was actually in conjunction to his Virgo(virginity/cleaniness/purity/perfection) in his 3rd house of his thinking processing. Mars rules sexual desire. Conflicting,  because itself of the conjunction is a strong desire for virginity, yet he was complaining being unable to get laid. He was either looking for a nun or a prostitute? Because there are plenty of women out there.

His obsessive compulsive behavior can be found in his natal chart, Mars in Virgo rules a repetitive behavior and thinking function. The planet Mars rules passion, rage and anger however with Venus in Virgo. The planet Venus rules relationship, pleasure and love. Virgo rules insecurity and skepticism subconsciously. He is extremely misogynist with disturbing views of women, sex and relationships, but in end of his life, Mars in Virgo in 3rd house (critical thinking) and Mars (The Lord of war) rules weaponry and aggressiveness.  Note,  also the 3rd house rules transportation which he used the knives, guns in his car to kill people.

“All those girls that I’ve desired so much, they would’ve all rejected me and looked down upon me as an inferior man if I ever made a sexual advance towards them while they throw themselves at these obnoxious brutes,” Rodger added, then promising violence. “I’ll take great pleasure in slaughtering all of you,” he said. “You will finally see that I am in truth the superior one the true alpha male.”

He was born under the constellation of Cancer (insecurity/feminine/senstivity) and his natal Sun, Jupiter and Mercury as together in conjunction of Leo(love/power/narcissistic/fame/attention) is manfiested shown in his YouTube videos via “Tomorrow is the day of retribution. The day in which I will have my revenge against humanity, against all of you.” Transcript of Elliot Rodger ‘Retribution’ video

But at the same time, people need a better understanding of this human nature.

Cancers are ruled by the moon. Cancer rules insecurity, feminine and senstivity. Nagging reaction whenever the moon comes out. To a much greater essence than other signsEmotions and childhood memories are the spiritual essence of his personality. That’s why he wrote a 140-page manifesto. He could ride his Dragon Head in Capricorn that would bring him a happy life in a position of power and respect in his career,  instead of dragging himself down onto negative Cancer Dragon’s Tail.

Maybe if he wanted  a good, perfect girl, he was cruising in the wrong parts of town where it was filled of snobby ones(earth signs) – he may have a chance to be able to find another egocentric type to match him, yes?

Or, maybe he had such a desire to cleanse disliking the imperfections in women, so that left him out of  small groups of people.  Maybe he would have done better in a middle class part of town or just go to church to find a ‘puritan full of pride’.  so they two could enjoy the beauties and perfection of the world together when they both could actually deceiving themselves. This is hell and nothing can be so pure.

“I do everything that I can to appear attractive to you. I dress nice. I’m sophisticated and magnificent. I have a nice car, a BMW. Well, nicer than 90-percent of people in my college,” Rodger continued. “I’m polite. I’m the ultimate gentleman. Yet, you girls, never give me a chance. I don’t know why. I put a lot of effort into dressing nice. These sunglasses here. They are three-hundred-dollars. Giorgio Armani. You know.”

Rodgers was seeking for power and control due to how he faced the world with Neptune in Capricorn, was more of a show casing of his illusive powers of  ‘abuse’ – all the while compelling his observance with such a form of mental discipline – in his own way to the masses… Sounded somewhat conniving like Rush Limbaugh(Sun in Capricorn). He probably would have even done better with an older crowd as it was given that he had hard time getting what he wanted. however Rodgers wasnt aware that the Capricorn rules a longest living sign of the Zodiac where it’s located on his partnership house which it’s meant that he would have rewarded him with a CLASSY woman later in life.

Bottom line, Rodger was born on part of the ‘Death Wish’ generation and in his 5th house of love in the sign of Scorpio.  He was too much held back by his own righteous / religious views.That got himself killed because he had had enough stimulation which stirred him to drama for worst in which he had struggled in the end.

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