Want to be a national hero? End robocalls

Currently Transiting Jupiter in Gemini rules telemarketers, commercial robocalls, texting, cell phone conversations such as criminal scammers when Mercury(telemarketers) and Saturn(control) is currently transiting in Scorpio (criminal activities/money/sercret) plus Scorpius Dragon is now action at secret work.

Understanding Uranus rules technology/computer as you can see Uranus’s manifestation in Aries make more constantly aggressive being interrupted by phone calls from mortgage companies, credit card firms or, even worse, scammers because Jupiter rules growth/expansion with telemarketers and commercial robocalls that kind of mercurial communications where it had to stop…Is it because the goverment and legit business can’t figure out who is doing all this? Of course not. Big buisness, internet providers, bulk mailers, TV and radio stations, the USPS all know who their biggest customers are, who sends out millions of mailings a day. Corporations make billions from spammers, scammers, mass mailers, robocallers. All about Pluto(power), Saturn(government), Jupiter(exaggerated)in Gemini(telemarketers) and Uranus(robocalls)’s manifestation action.

(CNN) — How annoying and frustrating have calls from telemarketers, and robocalls pitching useless and sometimes fraudulent services, become? How much daily irritation in millions of American households have the endless calls been causing?

So NOW Federal government, this month, offered a $50,000 cash reward to the citizen who comes up with the best technical solution for blocking illegal commercial robocalls on landlines and mobile phones which it’s manifestation of this aspect includes Saturn’s powerful with limitation and restriction is working with Uranus* best technical solution for blocking illegal commercial robocalls with Universal Scorpius Dragon is now action at secret work* offered cash reward to the citizen if you want to be national hero?…make telemarketing illegal period! End robocalls!

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