What does God sound like?

if God spoke to anybody, it would be king of stars and the king of planets, but the problem you never heard/seen the voice of God. The only time God speaks to you is through the written in the stars unless you really pay attention or fully cosmic awareness about their power of tools. They are our heavenly bodies interacting with our earth’s atmosphere and they certainly play their role within our fate at times. That is divine language to use as signs where it warning us for many reasons like destructive weather and others. Know what? Three wise men (astrologers) following the stars at birth of Jesus. They knew much about the stars(God’s voice), but sad reality, Church/Government banned to use the stars. Why? greedy controlling purpose.

What worse is that Dalai Lama is a religious Buddhist and he is against homosexuality. Even though he cites “spiritual quotes” from his Buddhism exposures–he still abide by a religious doctrines that condemns many things. I don’t consider him an “enlighten” being, but i do consider him “INFLUENTIAL” by Neptune’s powers of deception. He know nothing about what’s mean to be human being and Gay. Basically because they think they are smarter and can’t believe anyone would fall for a hoax such as believing in religion. I can’t believe anyone would fall for a hoax like government and belief in that myself in addition to religion. But I’ll tell you a lot of those guys are real believers in religion poisons without cosmic awareness about universal’s signs.

The Belief Blog more stupider than belief. CNN, if you want better ratings try reporting real news. This stuff is pathetic. Oh, that’s right your corporate sponsors won’t like you to report real news..beyond bad….disgraceful CNN while the stars affect the world at large and produce the news, before it release breaking news.

CNN should release that Moon phases like this- April 26/27/28- Moon in Cancer Forced Relocation/beginning ending of life!

April 26- Why wave of Mexican immigration stopped-beginning ending of life!
April 26- The Killers Saxophone Player Commits Suicide-beginning ending of life!
April 26- Report: Secret Service involved in second prostitution scandal-beginning ending of life!
April 26- Hundreds killed since start of U.N. mission, opposition says-beginning ending of life!
April 26- Court acquits Japanese political heavyweight of funding scandal-beginning ending of life!
April 26- Bobby Brown sentenced to probation in alcohol-related driving incident-beginning ending of life!
April 26- Charles Taylor conviction sends warning to tyrants-beginning ending of life!
April 26- Deported bin Laden widows, daughters leaving for Saudi Arabia-beginning ending of life!
April 27- Sudans conflict leaves 37,000 desperate for water, agency says-beginning ending of life!
April 27- NASA ready to move shuttle Enterprise to New York-beginning ending of life!
April 28- U.S.-Japan deal withdraws 9,000 Marines from Okinawa-beginning ending of life!
April 28- Priest in gay porn probe leaves parish-beginning ending of life!
April 28-Romania’s government falls after Parliament -beginning ending of life!
April 28- Vehicle flips, 7 die near Bronx Zoo-beginning ending of life!

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