What got Dylan Quick into a fantasy of stabbing people?


(CNN) — The 20-year-old student who authorities said went on a stabbing spree Tuesday at Lone Star College near Houston is undergoing psychological evaluation Wednesday, the Harris County District Attorney’s Office says. Officials have said Dylan Quick was charged with three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon — charges filed for the three most severely wounded of 14 victims.

Is it really getting old saying the public labeling the ones to be automatically classified as “mentally illness” to this typical glory-crime?  Do we need to treat him for mental illness? Let’s just look down deep inside him based on his natal chart. what it is the crime he did for a thrill, for the glory, his name in the spotlight, anything related to his “fantastic mental illness”? Remember this, Neptune rules the fantasies, illusions and deception.

Dylan Quick (May 26, 1992) was born under a very nasty insecure sign of Taurus with badly aspects, the month of May faces the world as a Scorpio, not only that, also born under the Moon in Pisces- Moon rules emotional response to life in the fantasies, illusions, deception, subconscious sign of Pisces. obviously, he had fantasies of stabbing people to death since he was in elementary school, possibly obvious being exposed enough of violence in movies, internet, television media which fantasies desire come under the rule of Neptune and also hidden fantasies sign in the planet Mars.

He used “a razor-type knife” to stab his victims. Note He was born with Mars in Aries. Mars is called in Greek mythology “the lord of war” and had the strong desire to fight to reach his deepest wishes. Aries rules knives, sharp things that cut, surgery, etc.

Shocking/surprising Uranus resides in his 9th house of college/university/higher education area where the power of shocking over stabbing of 14 wounded after he enrolled as a student at the community college.

In this case I can tell WHEN he will lose his mind, it’s not even HOW, this is no accident due to his Dragon Tail(negative) in Taurus that strikes right there. And if this Plutonic soul had fantasies during his childhood of shooting people to death, all of those would be at risk much earlier. HOWEVER…..the background check is a good start, but it will NEVER be enough. You cannot get a background check on underground dealings of illegal guns, drugs, criminal acts. It’s not the gun itself. it’s beyond the universe with a celestial background check, in the planet lord of underworld of Pluto. Yes, Dylan Quick was influenced by the cold darkness of the planet in deadly sign in Scorpio.

Seriously, those new generations really need real spiritual food to find their celestial identities to understand themselves better, they are so different than their parents, as much as yours today. Once our generation with astrological education takes over, things will change and deal with the spiritual conception of all human nature for a deep of valuable wisdom for humanity which it’s supposedly given the better answer to all standard questions related to science, psychology and many other disciplines.

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