Who is Edward Snowden?

130620013218-snowden-hong-kong-banner-story-topWashington (CNN) — The fragile U.S.-Russia relationship — already frayed by disagreements over Syria, Iran and nuclear arms — showed another sign of strain Sunday, as American lawmakers blasted the country’s President Vladimir Putin for allowing NSA leaker Edward Snowden to land in Moscow while evading U.S. espionage charges.

As far as I’m concerned, Mr. Snowden’s actions and motives are questionable by according to his natal chart via foreign affairs/foreign lands that I will give a great detail about his cosmic journey. So the question is why do big fighters fight for a freedom of speech as Assange and Snowden would go to a totalitarian country? Note that running off to a foreign country is an act of influence in the transiting Uranus(personal freedoms/rebellious/shocking new developments) in assertive / energetic / impatient / impulsive / warrior sign of Aries. Several hundreds of Hong Kong residents gathered to support Snowden and to voice their opposition to US surveillance policy and even Assange is standing up for Snowden, who has done the right thing. This man’s actions has politically stirred up in U.S., Russia, China relationships. the damage has done, not only that country but others as well, possible due to a struggle power (Pluto) with others in the government sign of Capricorn based on many disagreements over the important foreign policy issues like nuclear arms, so forth, but much more of a political and diplomatic matter than a legal matter.

For the people who feel their privacy has been invaded by Uncle Sam, but the jurisdiction of Universal Scorpius has already exposed on the secret affairs and government parties since 2012 and is still going on exposing and revealing to pull the hidden/secret/dark to bring the light on these issues, like the IRS scandal which is absolutely inexcusable, Secret Service agents were caught while hiring prostitutes and Sexting in the FBI. So now Assange and Snowden both already step forward and continue to leak classified information through the internet.

Edward Joseph Snowden (born June 21, 1983) is a former technical contractor and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) employee who worked for Booz Allen Hamilton, a contractor for the National Security Agency (NSA), before leaking the details to the press of the top-secrets in American and British governments with the mass surveillance programs.

Snowden’s Sun in Gemini activates the mental traits, giving strong mental or intellectual abilities. Mercury rules mind, communication and transportation.

Moon in Scorpio gives emotional drive, intensity and a desire to live dangerously or on the edge. He’s very intuitive, perceptive as a good researcher and investigator. That’s how he got hired to work for the spy agency in US where it’s located in his 6th house of work.

Mercury in Gemini learns very quickly, gets bored easily, and collects all forms of communication.

Venus in Leo loads of attention himself, deserves a lot of pride and fame through his intellectual abilities with high expectations.

Mars in Gemini makes him very active and courageous thinker and inspires others with his thoughts or printed/written in the document.

Jupiter in Sagittarius makes him to be fortunate and protected with the foreign affairs/foreign lands/international law, but resides with his negative dragon tail in Sagittarius may be risky.

Saturn in Libra learns hard lessons of sharing and relating, that can result him to become self-conscious with the legal system, the justice and the law. that’s how the planet of Saturn slows him down.

Uranus in Sagittarius loves wide open spaces with technology system related to share with a variety of classified intelligence programs. Uranus rules science, genius with technology while Sagittarius rules open mouth, must share the knowledge and  resources to everyone.

Neptune in Sagittarius fascinated him in foreign travel, adventure, and exploration, and seeks the truth in all circumstances but resides with negative dragon tail in Sagittarius with all these areas together that leads me to question about his safety.

Pluto in Libra takes his relationships intensely with an extreme attitude toward to friends and groups who will stand up for him.

DH in Gemini gives all of himself as intellectual and communicative powers, speaks two or more languages. Gemini has a dual nature , a changeable person.

DT in Sagittarius are questionable based on continuous resides with negative Dragon Tail in Sagittarius that still wonders me about his safety in foreign affairs/foreign lands. I will find out more later. Please stand by.

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