Why Nancy Reagan turned to astrology in White House to protect her husband, Fully explained in the Stars

Nancy Reagan turned to astrology in White House to protect her husband

She born July 6, 1921 – March 6, 2016, died on Moon in ***Aquarius*** Today.  Aquarius rules UFO, ***Astrology***, brotherhood, future, and humanitarian. Let’s talk about the power of Uranus (Aquarius). –

Joan Quigley, Nancy Reagan’s White House Astrologer … explained what happened in white house between wife and husband at work. Read more and click the link.


Master the Housing System and understand the twelve specific areas of the human experience.

Using Astro-psychology to expose the stars and fate based on the remain question why She believed in Astrology. Note Princess Diana and Nancy Reagan born on the same month of July is controlled by the “lunatic” Moon and the emotional sign. Those born in July are strongly affected by the Moon’s fluctuations, and family matters will always play an important part of their lives. They are classified as the “caretakers” of astrology.  

So now let’s look at House Number 8 in the Section Housing System and read the key-words and get more information. Remember you can also refer to the Sun Sign Characteristics and fully understand all about this specific housing system. The Mysteries of 8th house is ruled by the sign Scorpio. In some ways Cancer will always be interested in the afterlife and affairs of the dead. In the area of life and death, legacy, metaphysics and corporate money. you are becomes an Aquarius in 8th house. Cancer, 1st house of first approach to serious situations – Nancy Reagan turned to astrology in White House to protect her husband. Cancer rules protective, security and strongly intuition. Aquarius rules UFO, Astrology, brotherhood, future, genius and humanitarian. Nancy Reagan’s interest in astrology caused many Christians to question her faith. That’s why she has hight intuition / high mind. Princess Diana was interested in metaphysics and astrology too.

so now Let’s look at how a Cancer behaves or feels about love, romance and children of 5th house in the Section Housing System. In the love area, you are becomes a very intense Scorpio. Where ever Scorpio or resides in your chart death and drama can enter your life, Princess Diana died in the name of her children and a jealous lover. And also This extreme deadly cosmic cocktail was located in Nancy Reagan’s 5th house of love, romance and children which become the main reason her scared of husband’s death due to attempted assassination of United States President Ronald Reagan, Must understand; where ever Scorpio is located in your chart, death, drama, the police and secret will enter your life. Pluto rules Scorpio and this planet is extremely intense and climactic. Thus, those born in July might have to experience drama in the affairs of love, romance and children. Because Scorpio is the sign of life and death, your male or female friend born in July might have had a dramatic upbringing, lost a child, or suffered dramatic heartaches.

Wherever Scorpio’s House or Pluto is located in a chart, a regeneration principle is offered to the soul; thus, Cancer regenerates with the children with love and romance. Scorpio is also a very metaphysically oriented sign. Thus, your male or female friend born in July is a born investigator of Astro psychology, astrology, metaphysics, psychic work and all matters related to life and death. Nancy Reagan is openly said that her faith is one of the few things in her life that she’s been able to keep private, and it’s something that she desired to, she wanted to keep private. Scorpio rules private, secret and security. your success depends on the awareness and practical use of it.

On March 30, 1981, Universal Dragon Aquarius was shocking the world due to Reagan in wrong time and wrong place via attempted assassination of United States President Ronald Reagan was under his March negative window date or a very dangerous cosmic biorhythm  but without cosmic consciousness he could not avoid his fate. The Dragon Tail (negative) in Aquarius impact upon Reagan in 1st house of first approach to assassination situations. He was born February in the constellation of Aquarius (shocking the world/sudden release) – attempted assassination that become a Scorpio in his 10th house of career. Scorpio rules death and drama in public life.

And also this cosmically stimulated Nancy Reagan’s 8th house of attempted assassination / death, legacy, metaphysics, corporate money, death, drama, the police and secret science of astrology that when her first interest in mystical side via Astrology.

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