Using Astropsychology- Amber Rose divorced Wiz Khalifa

Amber Rose tweets Wiz Khalifa cheats, but she wouldn’t ‘in a million years’

Why doesn’t Wiz have a strength with his rapper groups and his wife with a child? Using Astro-psychology can provide the golden keys to reveal what’s human psyche and behavior that caused a bitter break-up. That will inspire and understand the conception   what’s real essence of a soul relationship between Wiz and Amber than the basic teachings of traditional Psychology like Dr Phill and Dr. Drew that would provide the answers.

Dr Phill and Dr. Drew know nothing beyond about the cosmic clock right now. Now Universal mind (stars) is just as speaking to me to describe the soul’s cosmic journey through his marriage that is over,  BUT my main concern is his personal life in the next year, 2015 Dragon Virgo/Pisces axis may pull his new partnership or restructured partnership which means his financial stability is no good after the joint custody. It’s a must know in advance with strict cosmic clock before it is too late to change your long bad habits.  Life is a must in stability with security, love and health! Without spiritual cosmic foundation, his mind is not stable in serious relationship or marriage as a result of his spending and wasting money on weeds.

Wiz Khalifa (born September 8, 1987) with the Negative Tail of the Dragon in the sign of Libra is a doomed relationship with this beautiful lady, Amber Rose. On a negative note, Libra have no real strengths with having a duty to deal with something or having control over her marriage with a child. This is same fate as NFL Star Ray Rice who knocked her wife out. Ray Rice and Wiz Khalifa both are forced into serious and deep psychological changes due to currently transiting Dragon Arian/Libra axis, BUT not only that, Amber Rose also born in October, She is now joining with Arian Dragon battle. This is no accident.

Amber is Libra-born in opposite directing to her natal moon (emotions) which is located in a warrior sign of Aries in 7th house of marriage. She challenged him to keep up his marriage in Wiz’s tour, but his natal moon (emotions) is located in  drugs/alcohol/music sign of Pisces in 7th house of marriage, other committed relationships, the public, known enemies, partners. This lunation position making him very emotional into his music but facing the public with his committed relationship that he remains smoking a weed. He had no grounding with the Moon in Pisces (dreams, deception, and imagination).

Amber Rose has filed for divorce from Wiz Khalifa because she’s convinced he’s been a serial cheater for months … making lame excuses that just don’t hold water. Sources connected with Amber tell TMZ … since the beginning of Wiz’s tour in July she strongly suspected he was stepping out. Amber’s telling friends … she wanted to join Wiz on the tour but he came up with a panoply of excuses, the most frequent of which … she should stay home with their 1-year-old. She also says he tried to show dominance by telling her he’s the bread winner and he needed to be left alone to make money and she needed to stay home. BTW … we understand that doesn’t make a lot of sense, but that’s what she said.

Khalifa is born with Pluto (power/destructive) in 3rd house (communication/mind) in the fixed, persuasive, dictatorial, sign of Scorpio. Scorpio rules money and secret.

Rose born with Pluto (power/destructive) in 1st house (self) in a marriage and relationship sign in Libra making her stand up for her marriage and feel not justice nor balance in relationship. What worst part is that Khalifa don’t know what his wife’s real essence of soul and past life as traveler (Sagittarius)  In Greek mythology, someone who is half horse and half human is a centaur. Anything and everything to do with traveling – conjunction of the three planets in Sagittarius. Sagittarius rules foreign and travel. That’s why she attracted him as an ethnic origin or with foreign background. There is too much for him to learn about Amber Rose’s chart. If he contacts me or learn the science of the stars about her chart, He will save his marriage and they will enjoy their trips in the beginning of Wiz’s tour.

Unfortunately, it happened like this before should consult with me for a reading/report for an individual, couple, as well as family members confidentially. This is a must review chart like to check your computer to see any junk pictures- make sure it is clean up and delete your perviously bad habits in the past in order to keep up this marriage or you will pay the heavy price.

I can only hope one of Wiz Khalifa’s millions of fans will bring this article to their attention and offer them the peace of mind and understanding as they so desperately need,  because the stars has a plan for all children… 

You are a child of the universe and you have a karmic reason to be, all that did or will happen to you which is already written in the stars! That is, if you let the worse of those stars take over your life! if you imagine yourself in Tv show and saying, I will show a chart about “Using Astro-psychology- Amber Rose divorced Wiz Khalifa” then explain and share with you about this marriage subject in “Dr Phill / Dr. Drew” Tv show reality. That is something need spiritual regeneration for this society to catch up the cosmic code news.


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