Year of the Dog exposed growth reptilius infested country in Malaysia

Decorative dog figurines are seen for sale ahead of the Lunar New Year celebrations in Kuala Lumpur's Chinatown on January 26, 2018. Year of the Dog exposes growth of Islamic conservatism in Malaysia …

Twelve animals, including a dog and a pig both are considered “unclean” under Islamic tradition and Muslims are required to carry out a ritual of washing themselves if they are in contact with the animal.

Chinese populations around the world are preparing to mark Lunar New Year on February 16 with the welcoming of the Year of the Dog, Chinese zodiac t-shirts in some shops run by ethnic Chinese in Malaysia.

Asia (China/Japan/Korea) a geographical area ruled by Aquarius is still battled with islands of Malaysia (against the dying Piscean Age and the world has a long way to go).

Western and Eastern Astrology both have similar and difference. Chinese astrology system use solar calendar (the lunar calendar) but indeed Mostly Solar, not Lunar, do celebrated every years.

Last week Feb 15, 2018 was Solar Eclipse is celebrated Happy Chinese New Year of the Dog. Next Solar Eclipse will be Feb 5, 2019, another celebrated with “new Chinese zodiac”and go on…

In Western- Modern Astrology classifies the Dragon”s Head and Tail as the South and North Nodes of the Moon (solar / lunar calendar).

Last week Feb 15, 2018 Solar Eclipse in Aquarius and nothing to celebrate “Year of the Aquarius”? or Last year, in August 21, 2017 Solar Eclipse in Leo and nothing to celebrate “Year of the Leo”?

Eclipse always has to do with event that held a spiritual / celebrate significance is forced influencing all that we call life is a way better than new year eve celebrate.

Why celebrated NYE? It’s nothing to do with solar / lunar eclipse only solar return. Solar return runs from birthday to birthday. It’s based on the numbers, not signs.

Western should socialize or throw a party to celebrate this great solar and lunar energy like Last August 21, 2017, new sign of Leo Eclipse or Last week Feb 15, 2018 was Solar Eclipse in Aquarius in American/Europe.

One must also remember all the wise men of the past and ALL disappeared civilizations as the Incas, the Sumerians and Atlantis raised Temples in honor of the Moon and celebrated her every phase and used the stars. Thanks to religiously poisoned invading Spanish and Portuguese “Conquistadors”, endorsed by the Pope running the European Christian.

That’s why in China never invading by European Christian and exposed their belief system to them. In China, the festival is centuries old and still celebrating “Chinese zodiac” Year of the Dog today.

Image result for Malaysia flag

Gee…Malaysian national flag representing a crescent and a star ‘the code of the zodiacs’ and it’s very clearly in Genesis 1:14 And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years.

After Malaysia won independence from the British in 1957, still struggled with multi-racial country with a national identity due to increasing Chinese economic / political power and growth of Islamic conservatism in Malaysia.

Who’s the blame? colonial rulers, the British, who imported Chinese and Indian labor to Malaysia, largely keeping Malays in impoverished rural areas.

England is a Capricorn sign (the goat) chosen by Christianity to represent evil or the devil’s head) and this zodiacal sign rules engineering, building, politics, the snobs and all that related to structured power, high class of super achievers and indeed politics

and stolen from many countries including countless African diamond mines using the local as slaves. Same goes with steal resources from other colonised nations like Malaysia.

Malaysia is a Pisces country and Neptune (Poseidon) rules the sign of Pisces (religious poisoning) and this sign rules the entire Malaysia Pisces country. So they’re electing him is also a sure the mass is easily manipulated for many young soldiers in a broiled with

religious war future conflicts. It pain me to see many innocent not chance to raise the awareness with the stars of the code above the father of the heaven. Religions have killed so many innocent people and endless in the past conflicts and tomorrow.

That is indeed humanity slave. How disgusting this is and how obvious this “religion business” has become? There is no fixing stupidity nor re-educating any tainted brain washed souls, those who follow man made deceptive religions in Malaysia.

Every zodiac animal has its good attributes, and the dog represents a guide, a best friend, a comforter and loyal friend.

Image result for Airlines cancel more than 200 flights over tensions between China and TaiwanAirlines cancel more than 200 flights over tensions between China …

Last Jan 30, 2018, Airlines cancel more than 200 flights over tensions between China and Taiwan – Strongly affected by the Supermoon’s fluctuations (emotional response to life) upon his lunatic behavior or moodiness to canceling/ called off the flights because Taiwan refused to approve them due to a dispute over aviation routes intensifies. The flights had been scheduled in addition to the airlines’ regular Taiwan services in order to cope with the high demand for travel around the Lunar New Year holiday, which starts next month. Does China and Taiwan know about “Lunar New Year holiday” Moon’s fluctuations? lunatic, moody, crabby reflect a subconscious response to our Lunar effect? No, both have lost so much wisdom of the real Power of the Dragon and Moon Power over the years.

Let’s go back to the historic timeline…Note, two thousand years ago, these ancient wise men or the “Magi” did follow the stars in the desert to Bethlehem to discover where the

stars aligned directly to birth of Jesus. These wise Men knew the significances of the stars. It was his star as Personal Celestial Identity. those certains stars appeared at the moment

of Jesus’ birth, and was visible to the wise men. Thus, the question is were they the Kings or Astrologers? Ironically, the Bible says don’t follow the stars? The plain truth is obviously only if you “Ask you shall receive”. Knowledge in Astrology is the answer.

This is true Laws written by God himself from his creation (the Universe/the stars) where he speaks to us and daily reveals His Universal Celestial Written in the light of the glory of God. And God’s true church and home is the universe.

“And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years:”
– Genesis 1:14 in King James Version of The Bible

Where is Humility? NOPE. The Pope: Richest man on earth? YES.

Where is Humility? NOPE. Wealthy Mormon Church? YES.

Where is Humility? NOPE. Buddha of Wealth? YES.

Where is Humility? NOPE. Hindu Wealth? Yes.

How disgusting this is and how obvious this “religion business” has become?

Seek God’s cosmic face, not Hebrew Bible or deceptive archaic teaching. When you seek His “Our Father In The Heavens” and God’ signs, you will see all the stars of heaven. Nothing happens by accident. God is already directing each one of twelve signs of the

zodiac by divine celestial nature where he had in store for you. There is simply one reason for you speaking his cosmic language and to be used as signs for simple productivity plan and watch the daily moon schedule instead explore a mysterious of dark matter in our

solar system’s neighborhood. There’s nothing out there. Note Dark matter cannot be seen where it’s not necessary to know out there because it doesn’t reflect light. If you want to know fully truth, stay with lights where divine celestial nature had in store for you. Don’t

settle for a small view of the stars. you should acknowledge this fact God speak through the stars upon the earth affairs. Do you have a dream? God already planted that mystical Neptune (the lord of dreams, vision, prophecy and the subconscious) in your heart for a reason. Dare to dream to change the world you wish to see and believe that it will be possible.

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