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Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  – Albert Einstein

Church: Mormon founder Joseph Smith wed 40 wives

Ralph Sarchie, Former NYPD Cop, Talks Possession and Deliver Us From Evil Movie

Explaining Why NYPD Cop-Turned-to be Demonologist


Our society needs to take a good look at what we have become today. We cannot allow a religion poisoning in daily life to destroy our democracy, destroy this Earth and her creatures due to low mental stimulation or extremely low psychic vibrations. We can not just sit back and hope for best  – you’ve got to go out there and start think differently. It starts with you or you allow it to happen over and over. Sad fact, this world of minds are loaded of misinformation and false belief systems or the heavy energies of Neptunian Planets override the Middle East for centuries, having mega everything such addiction and attraction which doesn’t help to grow spiritually upwards to a cosmic consciousness, yet in opposite of holding back and trapping in the same pattern that would not help to grow better for the new generation of future.

We elect politics that are puppets or connected with their false belief systems or their religions. We have become spiritually numb and ignorant, allowing hate and violence to take over our lives. We have become as toxic and destructive as the toxins spread by the old fashioned religion. Everything is crashing and burning around us. We have jailed ourselves into a cage for two thousand years but what do we do, most of us must start differently add fuel to the fire with high mental stimulation until we truly embrace empathy, compassion and respect for this Earth and all life we will rebirth again and refresh new life with new cosmic consciousness or stars divination knowledge that will bring  respect, harmony and brotherhood turning into the transition of New Age of Aquarius, this is your chance to win the battle for the better outcome.

Non-Muslims of the world, whether we call ourselves Christians, Atheists, Agnostics, Hindus, Buddhists or Bahai, whoever we are, and wherever we come from, we must UNITE their relationship with a universal cosmic God and RISE against Islam- ISIS “Jihadi Spring”.

When will the western leaders wake up and realize that the real problem of this region is not the dictatorship but is that evil religion called Neptunian?! That rules Middle Area Geographic.

 Updated – 6/19/14 – Returning jihadis a threat to Europe

 Updated- 6/19/14- Iraq crisis: jihadists planning UK attacks, warns David Cameron – Telegraph

UPDDATED-  July 20, 2014- Facing death from ISIS, Christians flee

The money that they used for all “Jihadi Spring” military factors involve in this craziness by production of the religions to spread the disease of mind like cancer to run their world- it’s called the Dark Ages= Age of Pisces. Jihadi Spring is now beginning to threat the world and currently seeking world domination. Jihadi Spring could attack against Europe and America in a matter of time- transiting planet’s natal when a planet changes the direction or transiting dragon in current activities.

On April 8, 2013, the Islamic State of Iraq (ISI) – Al-Qaeda in Iraq – released a recorded audio message by its leader, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, in which he announced that the Syria jihadi group Jabhat Al-Nusra (JN) has been merely an extension of ISI in Syria. Al-Baghdadi confirms that Jabhat Al-Nusra has been receiving monthly funds from ISI.

“Jihadi Spring” was rebirth on April 8, 2013- Sun(self), Venus(creative response), Mars(desire), Uranus(shocking/nukes) together conjunction in Aries in 1st house of self that turn to be independent, aggressive, assertive, fearless warrior.

Moon(emotion response), Mercury(mental process) and Neptune(religion) in 12th house of subconscious, enemies and secrets- Neptune the Lord of the Seas- RELIGION AND DECEPTION

ISIS “Jihadi Spring” will never give up their fight to establish their pedo-prophet’s sickening religion and it’s Sharia all over the globe. This never ending act of demanding in imposing Islam and Sharia on the world must be crushed utterly and permanently, for any mercy shown will surely backfire with deadly consequences due to Arian Dragon or Neptunian Dragon in next 2 or three years.

Neptune the Lord of the Seas- RELIGION AND DECEPTION

 With trillions of unconscious human repeat their cosmic expressing, no wonder, no one understand or agree with anyone BUT yourself as such wrongly directed debate by politics, conspiracy or religious nonsense.  Read more- The Power of Neptune

(CNN) – Something is brewing among American Protestants, and it has a decidedly hoppy flavor..

In Astrology, Beer and church both use same amount energy. Neptune is known to be the planet of illusion/deception and also rules religious, church, jail, hospital, temple including drunk and pot head or pharmacies. My work is devoted to warn EVERYONE of the danger of Neptune deceptive power and all his goodies… Weed, alcohol, anti depressants, legal and illegal drugs and religious poisoning is a reflection of the illusive power of this planet. And indeed after many years of use or abuse, it will affect both your perception and your judgement! Religious poisoning is a serious problem in the US and the world at large I must admit when I read this type of answers.

Monks turn to beer to save abbey

Colorado’s troubles with pot

Rapper Andre Johnson explains why he severed his penis- ‘Holy moon eclipse madness’

A WORLD OF RELIGION GONE MAD- worshiping in the nude

A WORLD OF RELIGIOUS GONE MAD- snake-handling preacher dies — of snakebite

Jamie Coots had said that he believed a poisonous snakebite would not harm believers as long as they are anointed by God.

Dr.Sanjay Gupta I was born a Neptunian

Colorado’s troubles with pot

Vatican PopePope Francis I was born a Neptunian

Would your church support his idea of same-sex unions? Pope addresses church policy, of course, many will support and don’t support his idea or following by New freedom and humanitarian age of Aquarius? Aquarius rules friend and wishes.

Those are strong religious religious conservative will turn against Pope that leads to religious war next 2016/2017 Dragon Tail in Pisces.

UPDATED: Pope Francis: Church could support civil unions

Miley Cyrus I was born a Neptunian

Does Phil Robertson get the Bible wrong?Phil Robertson ‘duck star” I was born a Neptunian

Neptune rules Pisces (a water sign) and rules Middle East area that lead to religious war for years and years.

I don’t follow the stars because it’s against my religious

and I know why Arab springs did to us and my family!

Gee… Cant you see your forehead that Libya Flag representing the code of the zodiacs and it’s very clearly in Genesis 1:14 And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years:

Libya is a Pisces country and His negative Dragon’s Tail (Trouble) in Pisces and this sign rules the entire Libya Pisces country. So they’re electing him is also a sure the mass is easily manipulated for many young soldiers in a broiled with religious war future conflicts. It pain me to see many innocent not chance to raise the awareness with the stars of the code above the father of the heaven. Religions have killed so many innocent people and endless in the past conflicts and tomorrow. What’s new with you? They haven’t try learn anything new. Yes, Astrology indeed big science lesson. That is indeed humanity save.

Read more- Do Christians, Muslims and Jews worship the same God?

You won’t be taught this in Sunday school!

READ MORE- Astronomy and Astrology in the Medieval Islamic World

Zodiac stained glass rose window ~ Middle Street Synagogue, Brighton, UK

Close up Zodiac archway in the painted hall of Greenwich Royal Naval College

Astronomical Observatory Courtyard ~ The facade of in the interior of the astronomical observatory courtyard at the Vilnius University.

The Basilica of San Isidoro is a church in León, Spain

The roof of Milan Cathedral

Cathedrale St Jean in Lyon


Let’s go back to the historic timeline…Note, two thousand years ago, these ancient wise men or the “Magi” did follow the stars in the desert to Bethlehem to discover where the stars aligned directly to birth of Jesus. These wise Men knew the significances of the stars. It was his star as UCI (Unique Celestial Identity) those certains stars appeared at the moment of Jesus’ birth, and was visible to the wise men. Thus, the question is were they the Kings or Astrologers? Ironically, the Bible says don’t follow the stars? The plain truth is obviously only if you “Ask you shall receive”. Knowledge in Astrology is the answer.

This is true Laws written by God himself from his creation (the Universe/the stars) where he speaks to us and daily reveals His Universal Celestial Written in the light of the glory of God. And God’s true church and home is the universe.

“And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years:”
– Genesis 1:14 in King James Version of The Bible

Where is Humility? NOPE. The Pope: Richest man on earth? YES.

Read more – Pope Francis I was born a Neptunian

Where is Humility? NOPE. Wealthy Mormon Church? YES.

Read more- Mormon Thomas Monson I was born a Neptunian

Where is Humility? NOPE. Buddha of Wealth? YES.

Where is Humility? NOPE. Hindu Wealth? Yes.

Seek God’s face, not Hebrew Bible or deceptive archaic teaching. When you seek His “Our Father In The Heavens” and God’ signs, you will see all the stars of heaven. Nothing happens by accident. God is already directing each one of twelve signs of the zodiac by divine celestial nature where he had in store for you. There is simply one reason for you speaking his cosmic language and to be used as signs for simple productivity plan and watch the daily moon schedule instead explore a mysterious of dark matter in our solar system’s neighborhood. There’s nothing out there. Note Dark matter cannot be seen where it’s not necessary to know out there because it doesn’t reflect light. If you want to know fully truth, stay with lights where divine celestial nature had in store for you. Don’t settle for a small view of the stars. you should acknowledge this fact God speak through the stars upon the earth affairs. Do you have a dream? God already planted that mystical Neptune (the lord of dreams and the subconscious) in your heart for a reason. Dare to dream and believe that it will be possible.

The first day you predicted, God heard you. The first time you saw, the stars set the miracle into motion and write up an astrological report from on the incident dates by witness or discovered the effect of the cosmic events which it’s manifestly evident and should be well-document in ahead of time. Find out what’s your can writing effectively and powerfully? God already planted the planet Mercury rules the signs of the intellect Gemini and Virgo in your mind for a reason. Dare to write up and believe that it will be possible. Twelve signs of the zodiac and the planet’s manifest direct to people in our lives on purpose so we can help them succeed and become all He created them to be unless empower yourself with true knowledge of way of interpreting the stars.

Atheist/agnostic/skeptics/religious deceptive archaic teaching just doesn’t understand how important God’s celestial speaking through the stars upon each and every human being under the stars.

You have to remember that you can lead a horse to water*Cosmic Fuel. You can give someone the opportunity to learn or to do something, but will you drink? The choice is yours. Note Universe Bottle is pouring a cup of divine to give the celestial answers.

The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift. We will not solve the problems of the world from the same level of thinking we were at when we created them. More than anything else, this new century demands new thinking: We must change our materially based analyses of the world around us to include broader, more multidimensional perspectives.”

~Albert Einstein

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