I truly love watching your videos! I hope you can continue to post more with videos Love it ! I do enjoyed reading your post statements but the video is more clarity and enjoyable. Keep it up. And thanks! – Jay
Wow all these predictions matched world news actually happened here, Britt! You’re an awesome astrologist! Now I am your new fan here. – Patricia


Thank you so much for your excellent service- appreciate your quickness in sending emails and providing the full service – Wanda

From RIsa Lewis-Hi Lisa, As I couldn’t find a survey for Britt Luneborg.So here is a note, please kindly tell him that I really enjoyed watching his presentation. It was so fascinated! Thank you for having him. Blessings with 💕,RISA

The US and the Fate of the World / 2021 Dragon Predictions – Zoom webinar – July 25, 2020. Great job, Britt! I will send you my video as feedback. I will email everyone the survey and recording meeting

This is beautiful thing I learned about today. Thank you for clarifying. I love this feeling. Knowing the truth – Kate

It’s so me…You are for real  Thank you – Shari

Wow didn’t realize this has do something with the universal and all. I work at Target and it did happen again on Sunday but for short time only card reader issues. But now everything seems to be ok and back to normal. I really want to learn more about the stars – RJ

Oh wow! It’s like you’re a predict about my life in ahead of my life! I really can see that it’s about the right predictions. Oh my Goodness!! Unbelievable!! I’ve been concerned about my physical & health just for a little while. Unbelievable predictions are just about true. I’ll see what happens to my health & physical anytime soon or later – Rayline

I was speechless I saw news and look at June 2018 wow so real now I start like i want learn I can save my family lives and keep away from wrong day I can’t say thank you enough I was surprise what I saw it that so real how all humans know this stars can tell and even moons too but I need you teach me how to learn like this I think that was awesome how so I think pretty cool to learn so was it? – Joe

I just love your astrological analysis!  – Ân Tạ

Wow, are those seriously? things that been said sound correct about the job I’m heading to..whoa – Linette

Wow amazing!! That’s so funny!! Luba and I both majored in Psychology! Lol Fascinating!! And that’s so true! I love being home! I’m almost always home! Lol! Wow! And yes! I do have empath and I soak up on people feeling which is why I love to stay away from people! Lol I absorb their emotions sometimes!! Wow… amazing again! Also my asc is pisces (another water sign) so that’s probably why… because my sun/virgo or moon/sag isn’t a intuitive sign right? So I must have gotten my intuition from my ascendant (pisces) … right?? Aww this is so inspiring! Yes absolutely definitely true! I have a strong relationship with Universe and spirits and all the topic under spirituality! Lol – Jennifer

As I grew up with a mother who was a very educated astrologer, I’ve been familiar with Mercury Retrogrades for decades. When I saw this unfolding Friday I wasn’t surprised. I did a search today, curious to see if anyone else mentioned Mercury Retrograde with the Fyre Festival. I’m glad someone linked the two. Good work. – Zach

I love watching every vlog you made regarding to an important breaking news and your star philosophy! – Rex

I suggest to anyone of you who is interested to order your own natal chart in details from Brit. He can elaborate that. I got mine from him. It is unbelievably accurate. It helps to understand my relationship better. I knew it by in heart tho. – Dunn

well you are accurate what u said about me. WOW! Hot Damn Really you right on accurate who I am. Kinda scary when u don’t even know me! – Melissa

Damn it hits all the spots on Dr. Sean Virnig! We should have done stars and fate on all superintendent candidates before They get the job – CSD AFTC (CSD Associations of Families, Teachers & Counselors)

Tornado hit Uruguay that what it was suspect measure show EF-2. They studied and suspect that show EF-2. I am happy with my “moon power” calendar that you send me few months ago. Now, I understand clearly. I started check my moon power calendar before I go somewhere else. Again, thank you for send me that moon power calendar. Satisfied!!! -Richard

You rock Britt!!! Magnificent!! Mind blown! Well worth spend. Phenomenal reading!-Frannie

You predicted the weather that’s accured about tornado and wildfire! – jessica

Your reading is pretty much perfectly match on our experience marriage happens through with it. you’re really blowing me away I’v never thought of it. Indeed it’s worth it to ask a questions and learn the benefit from this Thank u – Jami

Awesome reading on Julia Roberts and her husband. Thanks – Mary

Thank you, Britt, for the wonderful lessons in astrology! You’re wonderful teacher! -Wendy Cu

Thank you so much for teaching me! I’m excited. God bless you! – Oleksandra

All your brilliant comments in vlog impress me. You are one of a kind! Smiley! – Elizabeth

You are my inspiring remarkable man. Righteous everything information so beautiful! Thanks!- Kenia

OMG, Britt!!!!!! You are amazing. I love your vlogs. Hey guess what??? My friend was texting me and talking about moving. Then I remembered your vlog where you talked about the Pisces in the moon touching all signs, and those who are Sagittarius, there will be moving. I said to my friend, are you Sagittarius??? She said yes, how did you know??
LMAO!!! I learned from you!!! 🙂 Thought you would like to know this. 🙂 Jolene

Hey Britt- i know you are not a psychic but your explanation of astrology is pretty accurate at most time. oh sheesh. you are right. Christy LaSalle

Wow, very interesting. Since I learned from psychology and deviant behaviors course in college, I have learned lots about people and their behaviors included “why”, “what it causes” and “where they learned it from” BUT YOUR explanation is very well explanation and yes it does make senses – David Fitzig

After had astrology read with Britt. I got speechless how much accurate informations are on his reading. I’d recommend you to see him for astrology read. It will worth it for your investment. Namaste- Chris Charb

I really enjoy watching his great vlogs ever since. Wow..-Susan Watts-NY

I’m very satisfied with your reading! – Ricky Davis- CA

Wow!! Thank you for awesome vlog. ! I can’t believe it.. My son is gemini… I thought he’s ADHD!. Your vlog really hit me hard.. what about Cancer, Scorpio? I cant wait to watch other different medical Astrology. – JS

My gosh. I am a Libra. Have to avoid sugar. U are right. – Larisa

I liked your clear explanations of each astrological sign associated with my birth date and dragons predictions. I understand better my future carree Thank you, Britt Luneborg ! – Nicoletta Ciucà (France)

I’m really interested in this. Love it when Britt Luneborg posts interesting stuff here. It makes you think. Love it. My heart goes to Brittany- Schmidt.

    • Maureen Sydnor (AZ)This is GREAT and I love it!! I did learned something new!
    •  Gina Swanson (KS) Really enjoyed it very much~ Thank you, Britt. Nice hanging out with all of those who participated. Blessings
    •  Irma Azrelyant (NY) Thank you Britt for nice presentation. LOVE it.

I have been very impressed your reading.  you did good job! – Elleen Cunningham- MA

Your prediction is very accurate. Now Robin William is dead at age 63. Great actor.
– Irma Azrelyant- NY

‘Well you are ahead of me Britt and this is what I can only expect from one of my cosmic conscious student…Yes indeed he is a Neptunian without any divine cosmic wisdom. Note to those reading Britt’s answer, he is deaf but also intuitively very smart. In fact Britt can hear and see and TALK God’s cosmic divinity better than most human beings who are not impaired!’- Dr. Turi, celebrity astrologer.

Your subject- “Spiritless vs Spirit” really fascinates me. Wow! Very amazing!!! -Vince V. TX

Britt Luneborg is very champ inform my stars’ influence and my friend’s influence. Recommend You to contact Britt as Deaf ASL Professionalist for making an appointment! Namaste! – Alex Bilenko- CA

Beautiful article!!!! Make sense to me because most of my friends still not understand why I enjoy working at UPS. Thanks to my Sun conjunct to Mars that help me to lifting many package from one lb to 70 pounds. In my opinion, this aspect is more powerful than my age (40) and gender. Suppose I born without this aspect, maybe won’t survive thru hell work.- Thiel- CO

You made a valid point and clearly translated from the signs. Too bad doctors or psychologist won’t look at it but to make money out of us. Aw- Gomez 

You provided an information so accurated; you are the best. Thank you!-Khristie- CA

Your astrology insights always prove it’s point! Sad that some things in the way of mental illness=no cure!

Britt let you know that at my job as computer technician, today there was a lot of server crashes lately. Then you brought up about Mercury retrograde’s negative being approaching. You are right about the effects will shut down communication system especially satellites could powered down and fall on Earth. Solar flares and CME are becoming more and frequently and could impacted our power transformers which could have massive electrical breakdown. Advice you all to get some extra water and dried fruits like trail mix, survival foods just in case.

Your ebook is REALLY GREAT! WOW, very informative, thank you so much once again! amazing, amazing information to benefit

Britt excellent account, Enjoyed reading it immensely

So much respect for this deaf astrologer, Britt Luneborg, who has given away so much free astrological info through the vlogs, blogs, networking since 2008. Astrology is his true passion. He has helped, awakened, opened up, inspired so many. It’s amazing to witness many unconscious people to understand themselves better and find for who they truly are, also got them to eager to learn about Astrology through Britt Luneborg who put the seed, spreading this valuable knowledge all around.

you are inspired me excellent blog!

Beautiful article!!!! Make sense to me because most of my friends still not understand why I enjoy working at UPS. Thanks to my Sun conjunct to Mars that help me to lifting many package from one lb to 70 pounds. In my opinion, this aspect is more powerful than my age (40) and gender. Suppose I born without this aspect, maybe won’t survive thru hell work.

Thank you for your amazing reading! You changed my life. Keep up on what you’re doing!

Excellent vlog Thanks for sharing – ego makes things complicated but spiritual is clear…

Yes your predicted came true, I never thought this extreme cold weather hit here in S. Calif. it had been going on past few weeks but last night and this am it was one of the worst.- Jan-CA

your predictions about destruction and violence is right on the nose. Look what happened to the Newtown, CT’s Sandy Hook School…..I’m shocked and sad.
-Suzann B. – MA

Fascinating! Wow. So that is part of my past life experience and lesson to learn from for this lifetime now. No wonder I’m doing something right to heal from the past life. Thank you, Britt
-Fabiano- Canada

~ I want to extended express my thank you to Britt ~ thank you for your generous time to give a presentation about the Moon and Women for me and my lady friends in nearby Seattle last month. It was great seeing you again twice since Sedona days, smile ~ thank you, Namaste ~
-Lin M.- WA

Britt, just want to THANK YOU very much for all your hard work on elaborating on such things that I am still learning!! Really appreciate your hard work!! THANK YOU! Of course, THANK YOU DZW members to help elaborate as well!! I am so fortunate to be a part of this amazing group!
-Linda G.

Your interpretation of this post rocks. You said it all. Mr. Britt!

I was floored when Britt read mine in person with the house placements, plus zodiac tarot reading that made alot sense about who i am and how my life is intended to be. He surely has that strong intuitive insights when pinpointing to the areas in my natal chart. By the way, he is Pisces, also some psychic or intuitive ability gifts are found in his chart, which means extra bonus to enable astrology in combination. He is gifted in Astrology, no question!
-Carla- WA

Excellent analysis, another Britt masterpiece!
-Marvie -NJ

I just saw the vlog of you!! would love for you to do more more videos!! Well done job!! Look forward to learning a lot more from you during ASL Spirit Quest Cruise!
-Linda Ginter-CA

Britt is a brillant man I’ve ever met…. He’s AMAZING and he makes me think twice!
-Maureen S- AZ

Yeah, tornado did pass by last night which I live 15 miles north of Norman. We will have another storm warning including tornado tonight. I had witness tornado back in 1974 when I was a little boy. It was F2 which it went different path and saw all debris flew up in the air Which, of course, Britt Luneborg has predicted it very well on those date for disaster such as tornado.
-Henry Sanders, AZ

I’m very impressed your reading via Skype and thanks for sending me information about my astrology chart which is very interesting and different from other astrologists who had done my charts when I was young.
Shirley Goran, WA

I heart you for all your amazing astro knowledge and now I called you Dr. Astro. U the DA BOMB man` sending you my love out to you and thanking you for who you are… ♥
-Cindy Foley, AZ

Wow… You’ve read and explained it very marvelous! Thanks for the reading and I enjoy this one and many others.
-Eliot Cook- WA

Britt, you’re a god send with all those news keeping us all on top of our games. Bless U!!
– Connie L.- CA

Britt, love how there is an astrological explanation for every behavior!
-Stacy Latwoski- IN

LOVE brain/neurology articles like this to prove that high fattening foods do INJURE the brain! Thank you, Britt! A+

I am TRUELY Appricate for the MOON GUIDE update…. i am very interests in LOVE AFFAIR FORCAST cuz i dont always like to be too lonely for too long : )

Britt’s got his homework cut out for him to discover which of Republicans. This is going to be fun! Increasing Britts avenues of informative sources. He’s gonna be a marvel.
-StacyM- CA

Love ur posts, astro weÂther man,ur art astrology, ur vlogs. Very unique intuitive astrologer.my mercury/neptune conjunction relates to ur posts very easily. I love art intuitive astrology.I like when Brit posts about movie stars blogs. Keep it up!
-Josie- WA

Britt, u are my best teacher or professor you rock 🙂 yes I concur w/ you about astro psychology better than psychology

Thank you Britt to be our astro news man!!!! U’re such a blessing!
-Jerome Cain- TX

Britt, Wonderful opportunities to understand how planets in various position in the Universe have an affect in lives among us–no different than how the moon influences high tide, low tide of the oceans! you rock!

So happy to be here!!! The lead may be underwater exploring!

Britt did a great job presentation, he is a great teacher with lot of knowledge in Astrology. Gotta call him Dr. Deaf Astro~

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